Customize the living room ceiling

Plain white living room ceilings are widespread, but this area offers many design options. How about, for example, a new lighting concept or modern wood panels? You may also want to become artistically active yourself: read our collection of creative tips.

Design the living room ceiling with paint and brush

If you yourself want to use paint and brush, then there are many highly individual design options. Here are some nice examples:

  • Use stencils to apply even patterns, such as a circumferential band of jewelry.
  • Use a cotton rag to roll an interesting "cloud pattern" on the living room ceiling.
  • Take an old sample book to hand or be inspired by traditional church painting
  • Divide your living room ceiling into geometric patterns, such as circles or hexagons, and paint sections in harmonizing tones.

The lighting makes a lot

A special lighting adapted to your living room makes the room appear in a completely new light. Inquire about a professional lighting consultant in your area and let the result surprise you.

Plastic design of the living room ceiling

You can decorate your ceiling with your own hands by sticking on prefabricated polystyrene, hard foam or wood profiles. How about a profile wreath around the living room lamp? Or a "stucco" edging for the ceiling?

Such profiles can usually be painted over well, so that a creative color design is no longer in the way. Especially noble but expensive: profiles of real stucco from a professional plasterer.

Wooden panels for the living room ceiling

Alternatively, design your living room ceiling with modern wooden panels. These have little to do with the traditional, dark ceiling paneling from the 70s or 80s. Just browse through relevant offers!

Pattern wallpapers for the living room ceiling?

Lush retro patterns or modern motifs: Who designed his living room ceiling with a pattern wallpaper proves creative courage. Make sure, however, that the room concept remains consistent. Too much "restlessness" disturbs the coziness.

Tips & Tricks

Brand new your living room ceiling with an exciting combination of lamps, profiles and color. Be inspired by pictures on the internet.

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