Living water - what is it and how do you make it?

Water revitalization and living water are terms that fall in many areas of naturopathy again and again. What living water is exactly, how to make it, and what properties it should have is explained in detail here. In addition, what scientific controversy exists about it.

Definitions of living water

The definitions of what living water looks like are far apart in the esoteric realm. On the one hand, it should have more energy content, which is measured by some scientists in "gamma", as by Prof. Emoto in Japan.

Other descriptions speak of an ordered, crystalline structure. In some descriptions there is also the statement that on the "outer shell" of the water molecules three additional electrons would circle. This contradicts already the most basic chemical insights.

The cluster theory

It has also been proven scientifically that water molecules form so-called clusters. They join together to form larger complexes that bind together by hydrogen bonds. After that, the bonds dissolve again, forming themselves immediately again. Why water exhibits this property is neither physically nor chemically explainable.

However, the stability of the hydrogen bonds is only fractions of a second. There can be no question of a permanent "restructuring" of the water. Even a crystalline structure is not possible with water, since liquids basically can not have crystalline structures, but only solids.

In addition, the hydrogen bridge and cluster formation also occurs in so-called "dead" water from the water line.

Living and dead water

In the opinion of many esoterics, water loses its natural structure when pumped and chemically altered through high pressure lines. Naturally occurring water, on the other hand, still contains its natural structure and the "information" from nature, its natural memory, as it were. Therefore, natural water should have a healing effect.

Water can also be "informed" - that is, the natural information can be replaced, deleted or overwritten by artificial information. Homeopathy is also based to a large extent on the theory of such an aquatic memory.

In the first experiments there was indeed at least a scientific indication of the correctness of the homeopathic theory.

Revive water

When water is swirled, it is supposed to recover its natural information and energy. The water turns right, according to some esoteric. Dead water, on the other hand, is levorotatory, it is claimed. There is no physical explanation of this alleged direction of rotation.

Even with the help of a rose quartz or rock crystal, which is inserted into the water, restore the natural energy and "re-inform" the water again.

Tips & Tricks

When placing stones in drinking water, attention must always be paid to hygiene. If the stones remain in the water too long and are not cleaned very cleanly, bacteria can grow unchecked on them.

Video Board: Homemade Living Water Vortexer