Stress classes for laminate

Stress classes for laminate: classes

Laminate consists of one Carrier layer, decorative paper and a seal or wear layer, This means that no real wood gives the look, but a layer of paper.

Is the seal worn out or Scratches through the wear layer rich in decorative paper, these damages can not be abraded and reworked.

In such cases, only an exchange helps. But even this is not easy. The decorative layer fades out under sunlight and new laminate would settle in color.

Although individual pieces can be laid with already laid exchange in another and not so visible placebut also this is associated with a huge amount of work.

Therefore, the subsequent use should be considered and planned at the time of installation. Currently at much-used living spaces, it is recommended, higher-quality laminate to use with a higher stress class.

Laminate is becoming increasingly popular. Does it meet many happy advantages. Every decor is possible and even tiles can be imitated. It can do this Many substrates are laid and almost everyone is using native tools able to lay laminate. Also priced laminate is now affordable for everyone.

But to keep the joy for years, the laminate should be suitable for use. In little used spaces can easily be saved on the used laminate become. In Highly frequented rooms but should prefer to higher quality material be grasped.

Use in the living area

In the private sector will Laminate generally slightly less and rarely with street shoes loaded. Therefore, other stress classes apply here. These are recognizable on the Symbol of the residential house and the Numbers from 21 to 23.

Generally, however, has the Quality of laminate much improved and the stress levels in the living area are becoming increasingly rare. Even the cheapest laminate in many DIY stores already meets the demands of the commercial sector.

Stress classes for laminate: layer

21 low stress

"Low stress" stands for rarely used rooms. These include sleeping or guest rooms. In general, however, this refers to really rare use and laminate with this label is only partially recommended.

22 moderate stress

Normal lounges, such as living rooms or children's rooms, are marked with moderate stress. This is the minimum class that should be laid to ensure minimum protection against too fast abrasion.

23 heavy duty

With heavy duty spaces are marked, in which a lot is run. These include, for example, corridor, staircase or kitchen. This stress class can be safely relocated in the private sector.

Use in the commercial sector

Laminate in the commercial sector is designed for higher loads, Here it is often used with street shoes, which can be damp and dirty.

Like in There are also different living areas in the commercial sector Wear classes.

Stress classes for laminate: stress

31 low stress

Under limited use fall small offices or hotel rooms. This is occasionally run with street shoes, but usually these are already cleaner. Often, the 23/31 grade laminate is sold since it covers approximately the same range. The stress class 31 is also the most used class in the private sector.

32 average stress

Waiting rooms, larger offices or even small shops are among the medium-duty. Here there is already more Puplicumsverkehr and the laminate withstands an enormous use.

33 high stress

Heavy-duty areas in customer traffic are described as being extremely demanding, such as in department stores or discos. The wear layer is so thick and hard that the laminate can cope with this load.

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