Freight elevator - costs and prices at a glance

A goods lift can be both a simple and easy construction site hoist and a large closed material hoist that moves entire ships or cars in a factory floor. Naturally, the prices for a goods lift are similarly different. Here are some examples of new and used freight lifts.

Price range - model bandwidth

As different as the goods lifts are, safety is the common denominator. The respective payload should not be exceeded. Also the regular maintenance of the goods lift must not be forgotten.

Similar to the acquisition costs, maintenance, repair and maintenance costs are completely different. In the acquisition costs you will probably find the widest range. While the smallest cable lift in a used version is already available for 50 euros, you often do not even get the large goods lift for 50,000 euros.

Price examples for the freight elevator

Of course, given the extreme differences, it is only possible to give a rough idea of ​​freight lift prices. We have listed some used models that are reasonably priced.

Mini elevator - used

Rope lift with swivel boom
60 kilograms of traction
Working height up to about 40 meters
Control panel with automatic limit stop
Overload protection
Control and traction cable 10 meters
tested used condition
800 EUR

Lifting platform / construction stage - used for a short time

Platform 13 meters lift height
freestanding with extended platform up to 12 meters
by attachment to the house wall and anchoring higher retractable
Dead weight 800 kilos without mast and railing
Dead weight 1200 kilos in operation
300 kilos of traction
electric brake motors 2 each 1.1 kW
380 volt power connection required
42 volt control voltage
Work basket removable and dismountable
Basket size 390 x 110 centimeters
Railing height 104 cm
Passenger transport allowed
Remote control in basket for control available
220 volt socket in the basket available for working at height
Lifting and lowering speed maximum 10.5 meters per minute
Operation must be set at wind force 6
2,500 EUR

Inclined lift - new

Stand height 12.0 meters
Electric winch included 43 meters of rope
200 kilos load capacity
21 meter limit switch cable
Supply line 5 meters
Control and emergency stop switch
Headboard including quick release and pulley
standard slides
4,200 EUR

Small goods lift - new

Payloads 100 kilos
suitable for serving or file trolleys
Well dimension 60 cm - width 80 cm - height 80 cm
Revolving doors double leaf
Surface galvanized sheet steel
7,000 EUR

Goods lift - new

Capacity 2,000 kilos
no escorts allowed
Head 22 meters / 7 floors
free-standing installation possible
400 volt three-phase drive
46,000 EUR

Accessories and safety

For convenience as well as safety, a freight elevator usually has a lot of additional equipment. Here are some examples of accessories for an inclined lift that needs to be purchased separately. All parts are only examples and always fit only to certain load lifts of a manufacturer.

  • Double winch 119,00 Euro
  • two lateral arms 180,00 Euro
  • Locking bolts for side arms 25,00 Euro
  • Fork extension 65,00 Euro
  • Wooden platform 120,00 Euro
  • Glass suction unit for overhead glazing 2.500,00 Euro

Tips & Tricks

If you have decided on a used freight elevator, have the material lift checked by the TÜV, if this has not already been done. Take a close look at the seller and his offers. Also let the purchase documents show if the origin and age of the goods lift are really plausible. If it is possibly stolen goods, your money would be lost and you should also explain why you have not checked these facts. Especially on construction sites today, finally, a lot of equipment and material is stolen.

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