Clean the door lock to make it smoother

Even in door cylinders, dirt and dust accumulate over the years, which can eventually cause the lock to jam. Then oil alone is not much use, because only the dirt in the lock continues to stick. Cleaning the cylinder will help, but how does it work? We'll tell you how to clean your door lock.

Remove the door lock first

First, remove the door lock for better editing. This is usually quite simple, at least, if it is a normal type cylinder: open the door and loosen the screws on the front of the cylinder.

Then simply pull out the lock. If it hooks, jerk it a little back and forth and tilt it in the right direction, so that it can be solved eventually.

Clean door lock with compressed air

Compressed air is a convenient way to clean the tight interior of a door lock. Use an air pump, a powerful hair dryer or simply your own breathing air. If the loose dust is removed, you can also use another toothpick to loosen further dirt.

You can also rinse your lock under running water: The better, the stronger the water flow is. After that, let it dry thoroughly to avoid rust.

Clean door lock and then oil

If the door lock is clean again, then the next step is a thorough oiling. Grease makes the cylinder easier to use and ensures that you can use your lock again smoothly.

But do not use household fat for oiling, because that will stick your lock with the time and creates new problems. To grease a door lock, the following means are suitable:

  • Door lock oil with trickle or spray dosing
  • special silicone spray for door cylinder
  • Gun oil from the gun business
  • Graphite dust for blowing

You can blow in the graphite dust into the lock, or use it to stroke the key bit. Most oil and silicone vials have a spray hose or trickle spout for dosing, but this also allows you to handle the key directly.

If there is no improvement after this treatment, you may need to reset the door or buy another lock.

Tips & Tricks

To clean a door lock is best a compressor with associated blow-out gun, for example, an airbrush set. This can produce a concentrated, powerful air pressure.

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