Have the lock replaced at the door: where are the costs?

Anyone who has lost his front door key should have a new lock installed even if he has a spare key. This is for your own safety. What costs are to be expected for the lock exchange?

Replace lock: indicative prices

At the hardware store you can get a simple door lock for little money, prices start at around 7 EUR. Also at flea markets there are a variety of cheap door locks on offer, which cost on average between 10 and 20 EUR.

If you value a lock that is as safe to break as possible, then you should resort to a higher-quality product. In the price range of around 60 to 90 EUR, you get high-quality brand lock cylinders, which offer you additional security.

To charge a locksmith with the replacement of the lock is expensive. The travel fee alone can be 40 to 80 EUR. If you install your lock during normal working hours, you will have to pay about 150 EUR on average.

Among the key services, there are many black sheep demanding usurious prices. Since you probably do not have an emergency, you should take your time choosing the service provider.

Choose a specialist company that discreetly advertises itself and carries a common name in the company name. Get an offer by phone and take a witness.

Insurance information

If you have lost a master key to a company, then you can face immense costs that are well over the thousands. All security locks must now be replaced and each employee receives a new key.

If you manage such a master key, then a special liability insurance is recommended, which covers the cost of the loss. Explore your insurance advisor.

Cost example for replacing a door lock

A man does not find one of his front door keys again and would like to exchange the lock for security. He commissions a local, reputable locksmith.

Cost overviewprice
1. Directions40 EUR
2. Replace the lock100 EUR
3. high quality lock cylinder85 EUR
total225 EUR

Replace lock yourself and save costs

You can easily change your lock and save a lot of money if you have at least one key for it.

Simply unscrew the long screw on the door lock completely and then move the key back and forth in the lock until you can remove the lock cylinder. Then insert the new lock in a similar way.

Tips & Tricks

If you can not replace the lock yourself because, for example, you no longer have a key, it is best to select a locksmith service on the local Chamber of Crafts website.

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