Loggia privacy protection - you have these possibilities

Only a few houses today have a "real" loggia. In many buildings, however, there are structurally similar constructions. How to plan and implement a privacy screen for such a part of a building, and what options there are for a loggia, read here

Loggia and balcony

A balcony is always open to the front, a loggia usually has a partially closed front (columns or similar structural solutions). Here are different conditions for adequate visibility and sun protection.

vertical blinds

Due to the existing columns, loggias can be easily equipped with standard vertical blinds. These blinds can be mounted between the columns on the loggia ceiling.

If necessary, they are - even partially - pulled down, thus providing a comfortable to use sun and privacy.

The balcony fulfills this purpose a continuous roller blind of appropriate width, which is attached to the balcony railing. Here, the loggia is thus much easier to protect than the balcony.

Glazing of the loggia

If the loggia is glazed, conventional blinds can also be installed on the inside or outside of the glazing. Other sunscreen solutions on glass are also theoretically possible - such as self-darkening or switched-on glasses, or conventional interior blinds that are attached to the glazing.


It is also possible to protect the loggia from unwanted glimpses with a sunshade of sufficient size stretched on the inside. In practice, however, this solution will usually be difficult to handle. With a classic balcony, on the other hand, it can be quite attractive in some cases.


As a simple and adjustable privacy blinds can also be attached to the loggia. They can be turned on or off as needed to regulate light and privacy. Many classic venetian blinds also go well with traditional loggias.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure in any case that the attachment is designed to be stable and windproof.

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