Design a long driveway - you have these options

If a garage is further back, or between carport, house and property entrance long stretches, the driveway often extends considerably. In many cases, the design of the driveway then difficult to achieve yet attractive appearance. Some tips and ideas can be found here.

design problems

Driveways are the calling card of a home. They are the area that catches the eye first. This is especially true for long driveways.

The longer a driveway, the harder it is to make it. Long, visually single-entry driveways are often not very attractive. To avoid this look, you have to come up with something. The most interesting and proven design options are presented below.

Loosening of the driveway

In order to make "long ways" visually more interesting, there are some possibilities:

  • of materials
  • focus especially on the edge of the driveway
  • Visually interrupt the access at regular intervals

of materials

The biggest problem with long driveways is the optically monotonous effect. This can be remedied but quite simply by the driveway is not made of a single material but of several materials.

Which materials you combine, depends entirely on your personal taste. For example, you can loosen a cobbled middle section with adjacent irregular natural stone elements surrounded by gravel. But you can also simply loosen a cobbled median strip with several parallel gravel strips.

Focus on the edge

So that the viewer's gaze is effectively distracted from the too long driveway, it is worthwhile to focus on the edge. If the side edge of the driveway is not paved in a straight line, but runs irregular, the long driveway visually does not seem so dull.

Shrubs or plants that are set at irregular intervals and proliferate into the driveway repeatedly serve the same purpose. Other, irregularly placed design elements, which are placed exactly on the edge of the driveway, fulfill this purpose.

Optically interrupt entrance

What already works very well with longitudinal strips made from other materials is even better with cross stripes. Every few meters change a paved strip with a gravel strip. This visually shortens the driveway and, despite regular interruptions, makes the image of the driveway visually more interesting and diversified.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, you can also combine several of these options to achieve an even more pronounced effect.

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