Durable efficiency wooden houses

Durable efficiency wooden houses: efficiency

Factory production of wooden construction elements (Photo: bdf-ev.de)

Wood is the building material of the future. It is thanks to his Structure extremely stable, can be used flexibly and has excellent thermal insulation properties.

In addition, it is a renewable and domestic commodity, it is CO2 neutral and creates a healthy indoor climate.

The spruce, fir or pine softwood mainly used by the member companies of the BDF for the walls, ceilings and roofs of their houses, like all other types of wood, hardly any heat or cold through and thus ensures one Low heating demand and a consistently pleasant indoor climate.

In addition comes his high stability: The Main components of the building material are cellulose and lignin. Cellulose strengthens the wood, lignin fills in the gaps and provides a high resistance to pressure from the outside.

For centuries, this combination has made wood the perfect material for building houses - from early half-timbered house to today's modern efficiency house in industrial wood prefabricated construction.

Wood has a good environmental record

Another advantage of wood is its environmental footprint: it comes from sustainably managed, native forestsin which more wood grows than is beaten, and it is CO2-neutral: for their growth The trees need nothing but sun, water and air and they are an effective carbon storage.

In addition, the processing of wood with little fossil energy is possible. The Life cycle assessment of a wooden house is therefore compared to conventional construction methods consistently positive.

Use in many architectural areas

Durable efficiency wooden houses: efficiency

Wooden panel components in factory production (Photo: bdf-ev.de)

So many good reasons speak for a natural material, which with increasing success at the Construction of energy efficient home use place.

But in other areas of architecture, too Resource-saving wood used more oftenKindergardens, schools, public institutions and also cultural and leisure centers are today from the renewable resource built.

Another important aspect is the energetic façade renovation with wooden panel construction elements, It breathes a new, energy-saving life into older existing buildings in no time at all.

Diverse fields of application also in the house

However, the many uses of wood are not limited to the building construction and the façade of the building envelope: too Furniture for indoor and outdoor use and floor coverings from the versatile and environmentally friendly raw material meet the taste of modern builders.

The only disadvantage of wood is really only in the agony of choice: Far more than There are 30,000 types of wood worldwide, Although only a few dozen mostly domestic species are used for furniture and parquet production.

However, different offer Shades and woodgrains give the interior designer a great deal of creative freedom in the planning of its center of life with the coziness radiating natural product wood.

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