Durable wet room ceiling panels require high quality

To cover a ceiling in the bathroom, in the sauna room or in other wet rooms with ceiling panels requires above all material knowledge. With unsuitable material, such a blanket swells and bulges very quickly. When shopping, you should therefore pay more attention to the quality than to the price. A construction mistake can mean the total loss.

Which materials are suitable as damp-proof ceiling panels?

Do not be fooled by the choice. Innovative manufacturers of branded panels swear by their MDF panels with Terracell or on plastic. If you're a wood lover, you can continue to rely on wood panels that are durable with thorough surface treatment.
Simple MDF panels are often praised in the hardware store as suitable for wet rooms. This is not correct, because they have open structures in the grooves and at the ends, into which humidity can penetrate. Not only that these panels swell then. They also release harmful formaldehyde and mold as well.

High-quality damp-proof ceiling panels made of MDF are covered with a special surface made of Terracell, even in the grooves. Of course, the greatest security is offered by plastic panels, whose decors now also allow a large selection.

Where do you buy reasonably-priced damp-proof ceiling panels?

For these reasons, the purchase of wet room ceiling panels in the hardware store is associated with a certain risk. For example, the MDF panels from Max Bahr can already impress with a price per square meter of approx. However, if you want to be sure, look for a professional company such as arbor, Homepage //arbor-holz.de/, on the Internet. Here you can put your price request. You will also find a large selection of moisture-proof panels from 15.00 Euro at //holzprofi24.de.

Always pay attention to the keyword mold protection and, if possible, buy panels that are as long as your room you want to furnish. This saves unprotected interfaces.

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