Long night of DIY - #DIYnacht Experience report from the home improvement blog

This year, for the first time, we participated in the "Long Night of Do-it-Yourself" and were able to absorb inspiration for art and handicrafts in two courses. An interesting course format where like-minded people meet for experimentation. Only the social-media support by the organizers on DaWanda could have been a little better;).

The do-it-yourself trend in Germany is still unbroken. In addition to the traditional do-it-yourselfers and woodworkers, members of the maker scene and preservers of traditional handicraft techniques are now also known as DIY. The friends of modern handicrafts and creative handicrafts you will also like to clench on the DIY marketplaces like DaWanda. So it's no wonder that DaWanda succeeds in proclaiming a well-attended, nationwide "Long Night of Do-It-Yourself".

During the past weekend, handicraft enthusiasts throughout Germany could come to suitable courses and workshops. There were suitable offers for every taste and postal code. The events are offered by the respective instructors in private rooms or studios, which gives the event a personal touch (beyond the VHS course). The participants then provide themselves with the necessary food with their own contribution to the buffet. From DaWanda came - besides the organization and promotion of the event - then also a surprise package for the organizers of the courses.

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Of course, we also wanted to experience the Long Night of Do-it-yourself as a participant and bravely signed up for two different courses. (The event report from the second event will follow shortly.)

#DIYnight: "Drawing - Handprint - Karten" in the Kunstmüllerei in Düsseldorf

It struck me in the studio Kunstmüllerei in Dusseldorf, where owner Sonja Zeltner-Müller offered a creative taster course through various artistic forms of expression. Around 18:00, a group of highly motivated comrades gathered there (including a quota man, who had previously secretly practiced art).

So it started quickly, with first attempts to deduct a prepared woodcut block. Even if the motif was unchangeable, we quickly learned that a great variety of variations could be achieved by applying paint and printing. This was followed by colorful experiments with various stamping techniques in acrylic paint. After the first break, these experiments were then refined with drawings from the bamboo feather. The whole thing then got a three-dimensional surface with a bold spatula technique.

The highlight of the night was then the creation of a separate work in mixed media on canvas, which was based on a collage. Here then all newly learned techniques could be implemented again. The finished artworks were then admired in a joint exhibition and could be taken home. (Note to self: the next time necessary transport containers, which leave the clothes un-lubricated, with planning.)

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By the way, Sonja has already verbloggt her experiences that night.

The #DIYnight Event Accompaniment in Social Media - throughout Germany

... and we were not the only ones who had fun. Here you can see a nice selection of parallel course experiences:

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Just a pity that it did not work out so well everywhere. Here, for example, a clarification by the DaWanda team would have been nice:

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Conclusion: The DIY night was fun. Especially nice was the feeling to discover something new at the same time with craft friends throughout Germany.
For the next time, however, we would like something more active social media support by DaWanda and the other participants, so that more event feeling comes up. And it would be even better if a few woodworking courses were offered next year.

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