Looping Louie, Meiern and Schocken - drinking games for the New Year's Eve party

Looping Louie, Meiern and Schocken - drinking games for the New Year's Eve party: meiern

Party games for the New Year's Eve party

Party games are not only popular with children, sometimes the child wakes up in adults and leads to game variants that increase the alcohol consumption and thus often the mood. - As long as you do not overdo it!

The home improvement editors have put together their favorites under the drinking games here. Have fun playing and partying!

Looping Louie

Looping Louie - in the English original "Loopin 'Louie" - is a battery operated children's game for two to four players. The aim of the game is to prevent the rotating plane from poking its own "chickens" - here in the form of small plastic chips - off the rack.

To accomplish this, each player has a small seesaw, which he ideally operates at the exact moment Louie is approaching her own chicken coop. Just scrapping Louie is not enough, you should try at the same time to dose the power so that the pendulum arm on which the aircraft is mounted, just above the chicken coop another player drops down and pushes one of his three chickens from the pole. Who has no more chickens, is out and it wins, who is the last poultry in the stable.

The drinking game variant of Looping Louie is very simple: The loss of a chicken is punished with a good sip - which does not necessarily facilitate the coordination, especially since Louie makes no break for the schnapps deposit and cheerfully continues to circle.

Looping Louie, Meiern and Schocken - drinking games for the New Year's Eve party: louie

Looping Louie for eight people

Looping Louie is designed for a maximum of four people, but can be easily worked on in-house expanded to eight people become. This requires a second looping Louie game and mounted the four arms or "boom" exactly between the existing four chicken coops.

In principle, it is sufficient to attach the arms with a little duct tape ("Panzertape") to the frame. Stable, however, is the mounting on a plywood board. For this purpose, the center is first marked on a square plywood plate and marked with a circle or thread and pen a circle whose radius is chosen so that it runs exactly through the four existing "chicken coops".

The game is then fixed exactly in the middle with a clamp and marked the position of the boom. Then the bisecting line between the arms is measured, in each case a boom created and also marked. Alternatively, after drawing the first four arms, you can rotate the game 45 degrees around the center, reconnect, and draw the contours.

In order to hold the eight arms in position flat wooden slats are now glued to the plywood board around the marked contours. All you need is the matching strips and a little wood glue. - For the drinking game variant it is best to use waterproof glue. - It is sufficient to stick a strip on the right, left and at the end of each arm to prevent slipping.

Who his 8-looping Louie If you want to give it a better look, you can finally paint it with two layers of acrylic paint or stain it. Sand again lightly between the varnish layers to keep the color better. This protects the wood from the effects of overturning glasses that can occur at drinking games.

The Mäxchen

If a teammate rolls a "Mäxchen", ie a one and a two, he calls this result aloud and passes the dice cup face down to his next man. He can now decide if he believes the result and loses it (because even if he lies, he can not achieve a higher score) or pick up the dice cup. Should he look at the result and a mäxchen has actually been rolled, he has to drink two short drinks according to drinking rules and then starts a new round. If the announcement turns out to be a lie, the procedure is as usual: the "liar" drinks and starts the round again from the beginning.

Game variant: One can understate the "lying" too. Assuming the foreman says a 42 and you roll a six-Pasch, you can also any other value that lies between the two numbers. If the following player does not believe this and reveals the result of the dice, he still has lost (because the six-pack "still" fulfills the result because it is higher) and starts all over again. This makes it possible for the Mäxchen specifically to influence the pace in order to bring certain players at the table in distress, or to move the round end so that you can weigh yourself in safety.

Stricter Rules: When Mäxchen it often happens that someone asks who is currently with dice turn. Anyone who wants to make the game very interesting, can drink anybody who reacts to it with the name of one of those present, or completely ban the use of names of those present during the game. - Bypassing this trap sounds easy, but it often turns out to be very difficult in a funny round. Especially when the players use the ban on naming purposefully.

Meier, Müller, Schulze: Also a fast game variant is the game with Müller (3 + 1) and Schulze (4 + 1). The miller is still above the Meier and Schulze the highest litter. It is then drunk twice with the Meier, three times with the miller and four times at the Schulze. - If you still want something from the evening, you should refrain from this variant, however.

lets-rebuild.com says: Fun must be, but know your limit - drink responsibly!

Looping Louie, Meiern and Schocken - drinking games for the New Year's Eve party: games


Looping Louie, Meiern and Schocken - drinking games for the New Year's Eve party: drinking


Looping Louie, Meiern and Schocken - drinking games for the New Year's Eve party: games

31 (the lowest pitch)

The values ​​at the Mäxchen

At the Mäxchen there are regionally different ways of counting. However, the basic rules are the same everywhere: The highest litter that you can reach, called Mäxchen, consists of one and two. Then follows the six-Pasch and the other Paschs from top to bottom (five, four, three, etc.).

Underneath, two-digit numbers are formed from the cubed eyes, the higher number forms the tens, the lower the one-digit. Thus, a four and a two form a 42, a six and a one a 61, and so on. That is, the lowest achievable value is a 31 (because 11 and 21 make up the One-Pasch, respectively the Mäxchen).

The possible casts of the Meiern 1 + 2 Maize 6 + 5 Sixty - Sixty 5 + 2 Fifty - Six 6 + 6 Sixer Pasch 6 + 4 Sixty - four 5 + 1 Fifty - One 5 + 5 Fivepenny 6 + 3 Sixty - Three 4 + 3 Forty - Three 4 + 4 Fourpaw 6 + 2 Sixty - Six 4 +2 Forty-Two 3 + 3 Triplet 6 + 1 Sixty-One 4 + 1 Forty-One 2 + 2 Twin-Pong 5 + 4 Fifty-Four 3 + 2 Thirty-Two 1 + 1 One-Spade 5 + 3 Fifty-Three 3 + 1 Thirty-One

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