The Lord of the Chaos - Entrümpelungen be carried out by a professional

Often it can happen faster than many people would think: The chaos in your own home is slowly but surely gaining ground. A personal crisis, a financial overload or your own advancing age may be the reasons for this. Many people are confronted with such problems, they can not throw anything away, they can not keep things in order, and they often stand alone with this problem.

The Messie syndrome

The so-called Messie syndrome in today's society is subject to many prejudices and undeniably negatively connoted. This is a disease that can basically hit anyone and often creeps in slowly and hidden. Many people do not notice what is happening around them until they can barely feel comfortable in their own home. Then it's time to take important steps to stop jeopardizing home ownership or rented housing and your own health.

Psychological help

Entrümpelungen are in such a situation at the top of their own agenda. At the same time, in most cases, psychological help is also advised. Those affected need to learn to deal with their problems differently, as well as to re-understand how to keep order in their own homes. At the beginning of such a measure, however, first a comprehensive clearing out and cleaning of the living space in question must be carried out. What should be respected, is revealed below.

Step 1: Assess the chaos correctly

When it comes to the chaos in your own home, a categorical subdivision must first take place. Not everyone who can not maintain order in their own home is, by implication, also a messie. Finally, the Messie syndrome is not in vain referred to as disorganization problem. People who suffer from this syndrome are no longer able to correctly classify the value and benefits of various items. Then even worthless items such as old TV newspapers suddenly become important and are collected rather than disposed of.

This passion for collecting does not necessarily lead to littering, as is known, for example, from various media reports. Many people who suffer from the disorganization problem live outwardly under normal conditions and by no means sleep in dirty or unhygienic homes.
Precisely for this reason, the state of your own chaos must already be assessed before clearing out. If the apartment per se is in a clean condition and the items to be sorted out are easy to dispose of, clearing out can certainly be carried out on your own.

However, if dirt, bugs or a lot of bulky goods in the game, should be resorted to the help of a specialized professional in the best case. Not only can he draw on the necessary experience, he also knows all the disposal points and has the right materials for such a task.

Step 2: Eliminate the mess

If the current state in their own four walls assessed and possibly a Entrümpelungsfirma was hired, it goes directly to the preserves: The apartment is completely cleared. Different strategies can be used depending on the health of the person concerned.

In some cases, it may be advisable that the tenant or apartment owner is present at the clearing and actively involved in this. In other cases, this proves to be a hindrance, which is why the clearing out better in the absence of the tenant or apartment owner should be carried out. In both cases, it may be advisable to get together with a specialist therapist. This can usually better assess the situation for the person concerned and also support him not only during clearing out, but also in the connected reconnection.

Step 3: The renovation work and the new beginning

If the clearing out of your own home has been carried out professionally, it can be important in many cases to carry out various renovations. Depending on how the condition of the premises was before clearing out, these renovations must turn out to be more and sometimes less extensive. Moist or moldy wallpaper must be removed, pest must not only be disposed of properly, but there must also be various disinfecting measures, dirty or destroyed doors and furniture may need to be replaced.

Occasionally it can also happen in heavily doused apartments that floor coverings must be renewed. The goal is to restore the hygiene and cleanliness in the living rooms. Fresh paint on the walls can sometimes do wonders.

However, in order for the new beginning to succeed and the chaos does not re-enter within a very short time, there are certain strategies to develop. Anyone who has developed a penchant for disorganization problems, should seek a therapeutic care, which also accompanies the new beginning in their own four walls. If you are not able to perform daily clean-up work, for example because of a physical handicap, you may need to hire a domestic help or seek contact with a home-based caregiver.


Clearance can and should always be considered as a new beginning. The chance to clear the table and then live again in a clean and tidy apartment with a feel-good factor. For this to succeed, the right help can and should definitely be claimed.

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