Low prices for concrete palisades

The popularity of Betonpalisaden not only results from the variety of design options. The prices for the round or rectangular palisades produced in the production without great effort are favorable. In addition to individual palisades, there are already assembled palisade curbs with up to 15 individual palisades.

Palisades, columns or steles

Even though the actual eponym of the palisade, the wooden post, was always round in history, today rectangular and square boundary stones are also called concrete palisades. Depending on the manufacturer, these components can also be found in the product groups concrete steles, blocks or curbs.

Classic round concrete palisades can be acquired all round or with throats. The indentation of the throats enables the stable overlapping setting of the concrete palisades. Many manufacturers offer pre-assembled grooved concrete palisades as fixed boundary elements, which facilitate installation and are priced even cheaper than single palisades.

Price ranges according to heights

Of course, the prices for concrete palisades are based on the size of the workpieces. At heights of up to one meter and diameters of up to twenty centimeters, concrete palisades are used. For dimensions that go beyond, the concrete column begins as a trade name, the transition being fluid.

The individual prices for concrete palisades lie at heights of up to forty centimeters between one and two euros each. Heights of around sixty centimeters are offered between two and three euros, and heights beyond that cost up to five euros each.

Combined series and relations

Already to boundary stones summarized palisade rows cost from two euros for fifty centimeters long and 15 centimeters high products. Dual elements and single palisades cost between one and two euros and allow the adaptation and design of the individual course of the boundary.

The dimensions for concrete palisades vary in every direction and in changeable relation. From the narrow short over the short thick to the thin long to the big large palisades, the variants range. In the area of ​​thick and large palisade forms hollow profile copies are available cheaper than solid solid profiles. Diameters under ten centimeters are not made with hollow profile.

Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for rectangular palisades, always check other product groups of the respective provider.

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