LPG heating: the disadvantages

Gas heaters are still widely used today, are considered relatively inexpensive and have a consistently good reputation. But they also have some serious disadvantages. Which ones are you can read here.

The problem of fossil fuels

LPG, LPG, is a by-product of crude oil refining. It is therefore also a fossil fuel - which brings some problems.

On the one hand, fossil fuels are running out, and on the other, oil and gas prices are constantly rising. This not only applies to natural gas - LNG - but also to LPG. A long-term steady increase in costs is therefore inevitable.

The CO2 problem is also in liquefied gas, as is the case with all fossil fuels. In liquefied gas, the problem is not as great as in the burning of oil or coal, but still available.

In the sense of the energy transition, moreover, a complete rejection of fossil fuels should be achieved. Using only renewable energy sources would be desirable, but would also mean the end of gas use.

Gas as a potential hazard

Liquefied petroleum gas is stored above ground in storage containers and always poses a risk potential. Fires and explosions are a risk that is not present in other forms of heating.

Even this disadvantage must always be taken into account in a comprehensive consideration. The damage caused by gas explosions is altogether considerable. This is not the case with other energy sources.

There are cheaper alternatives

Gas heaters are not necessarily the cheapest heaters - many regenerative forms of energy are much cheaper and more economical. Even highly efficient, modern gas heaters can not compete with them in terms of cost.

Tips & Tricks

The disadvantages of gas heating can hardly make up for it. Therefore, if you are considering rehabilitation of a heating system or the idea of ​​a new heating system, then you should also think about possible, more ecological alternatives and perform an amortization calculation for the conversion to biomass or other alternative forms of heating.

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