Caring for Lucky Bamboo as a houseplant

Caring for Lucky Bamboo as a houseplant: houseplant

The Lucky Bamboo is also referred to by botanists as Dracaena braunii and belongs to the Plant genus of the dragon trees (Dracaena sanderiana). Due to its bamboo-like appearance, the asparagus plant is very popular.

Although the vernacular speaks of bamboo, is the Lucky bamboo not a real bamboofrom which, for example, pandas feed. The Lucky Bamboo is poisonous like all dragon trees and should therefore be placed out of the reach of pets and children.

This ornamental plant is supposed to spread Chinese happiness and blessing, that's why the lucky bamboo is gladly placed in the interior. In addition, the "bamboo" is very easy to care for.

Learn more about the Asian Lucky Tree below.

Cultivate Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena braunii) is one poisonous yucca plant, It is native to the rainforests of Asia and tropical West Africa. The Apparent bamboo rings are actually leafy approachesfrom which up to 20 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide, green leaves emerge.

As a houseplant can the Lucky Bamboo cultivated in water or soil become. Particularly popular is the drainage, therefore, one speaks often of the water bamboo. Give in to a posture in the water-filled vase some stones for better stability into the jar and place the bamboo in a warm and sunny place, such as the windowsill.

tipIn a transparent vase you can watch the fine roots grow.

Lucky Bamboo as a potted plant

Caring for Lucky Bamboo as a houseplant: caring

After rooting, the lucky bamboo can be repotted.

The lucky bamboo is in a vase very decorative and durable: As soon as many roots have formed, you can transplant the Lucky Bamboo into a flower pot with soil. After the plant has been planted in the ground, you should adjust the irrigation, because the Claims of Lucky Bamboo convert yourself.

If the lucky bamboo in a vase of water has developed well, should in one Flower pot with soil foregone waterlogging because it favors mold decay and plant dying.

If that Substrate is really dry, the plant is careful supplied with water.

Form yellow spots on the leaves or on the stem, they must be cut away become. This yellowing is usually a sign that the Calcium content in the water too high is. Even too intense sunlight can lead to discoloration of the leaves. If necessary, the plant can be supplied with a special fertilizer. This care measure is generally not necessary.

tip: To seal the bamboo plant is green, but not too hot candle wax. Carefully form a small piece of wax and glue it to the resulting cut.

Shorten the lucky bamboo and create offshoots

Caring for Lucky Bamboo as a houseplant: lucky

With a little patience, a straight bamboo can be turned.

Shortening the wrong bamboo is just as possible as that Create additional offshoots, Set that aside separated bamboo piece in a vase with water. Within from about 14 days As a rule, the first root shoots already form.

The increase of the lucky bamboo is thus very easy and uncomplicated.

The lucky bamboo can tolerate a wide range of living conditions. This does not mean that the plant is indestructible. Especially the young offshoots should be one not too sun-intensive cookie received because of the lucky bamboo I prefer darker than too light.

The Lucky Bamboo is offered in a straight and rotated form in the trade. With a trick and a bit of patience, a straight Lucky Bamboo can become a turned copy: The Lucky Bamboo grows always in the direction of the light, Through many years, one-sided incidence of light and slow turning the twisted shape is created.

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