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  • With a luggage scale you can determine the weight of your luggage and thus avoid surprisingly expensive back payments for excess baggage. These mini scales are particularly space-saving and handy and thus find themselves loose space in the luggage.
  • A distinction is made between analog and digital luggage scales. While analog scales may not be precise enough and bulky, they do not require batteries. Digital scales sometimes deliver a result that is accurate to 10 g.
  • When buying a luggage scale, pay particular attention to the weighing range - some models can only measure up to a limit of 30 kg, although some airlines accept luggage up to 32 kg.

Luggage scale comparison 2018: scale

According to statistics, the share of holiday travelers among Germans has been at a very high level for years: around 48 million since 2005 and already more than 53 million in 2015 (source: FUR). But who does not know the uncertainty in baggage weight:As soon as the big journey arrives, the suitcase is packed wildly and then always scared á la "Am I still under the specified 20 kg?" or "What can I possibly do without?" Too often one notices enthusiasm, but only in the airport, that one has packed too much.

How are luggage scales still called?

Do not be confused by the various terms - a luggage scale is often simply as Luggage scale, Hanging scale or travel scale designated. However, the same utensil is always meant, whether in the analogue or the digital version.

Meaningful remedy provides here the Use of a handy luggage scale, In our large luggage scales Comparison 2018 we have looked at the most popular models in more detail and present you here now the right guide along with buying advice and additional information such as approved dimensions for hand luggage on selected airlines.

1. Luggage scales weigh up to 10 g

Some airlines know about baggage overweight no jokes - and not necessarily because of alleged security concerns, but because already by small transgressions so-called penalties in not insignificant size can be due. In particular, smaller airlines such as RyanAir or easyJet can not do without such measures in order to remain profitable.

Luggage scale comparison 2018: comparison

With a luggage scale, you can also measure the weight of your luggage directly in front of the departure desk.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to adapt here. Only a scale for correctly estimating the weight of the case is often missing. While you can still help yourself at home with a regular bathroom scale, this is much more difficult in a hostel or hotel room in distant countries. Modern hanging scales are very accurate and allow the most frust free and reliable sorting of luggage. Some of the specimens we compared even manage to achieve an accuracy of +/- 10 g.

Below we have the Advantages and disadvantages of luggage scales summarized for you:

  • very handy and space saving
  • very fast
  • usually very precise weight indication
  • in analog models often only a rough scaling

2. Which luggage scale types are there?

In mobile luggage scales is generally distinguished mainly between digital and analog variants; In the following overview table we present both variants.

Luggage Scales typedescription
analog luggage scale

Luggage scale comparison 2018: 2018

Luggage scales in the Analog category are considered the original variant, although copies of this type seem to have largely become obsolete in the digital age. The trend is simply more precision and this is also reflected in the selection in online shops (and also in the copies in our luggage scale comparison) down.

Functionality: The weight of the corresponding piece of luggage is determined by a spring, which, in principle, works without problems, but only with a certain inaccuracy - Sometimes these variants only show distances of approx. 1 kg.

Any additional features such as an integrated thermometer can not be found here, but there are some copies with built-in tape measure. Analog luggage scales are often a bit bulkier and tend to be heavier than the digital, but also have an advantage: You can get by without batteries.

digital luggage scale

Luggage scale comparison 2018: comparison

Functionality: Digital luggage scales are the modern version of their analog predecessor models: they work with fine sensors that ia few seconds a partial result up to 10 g can deliver. In addition, you can here in most cases choose between different weight units, for example between the metric system (kg) and the imperial (pound / lb).

On one digital LCD display it is also possible, if desired, to display the temperature. And besides: By the so-called Tare function (also called tare function), you can determine the weight of your luggage by leaving the weight of your luggage outside. This is especially useful if you want to exchange your case without weighing or being able to weigh the contents of the luggage again.

The downside of the digital hand scale is that you are in doubt always spare batteries at hand need to have.

Tip: Especially when weighing with an analogue luggage scale you should pay attention to a correct calibration! When in doubt, weigh several times to check the accuracy of the balance.

With a digital hanging scale, it should be noted that the type of batteries may vary depending on the model. Commercially available are either button cells or standard size AAA batteries.

3. Purchase advice for luggage scales: What you should look out for

Luggage scale comparison 2018: luggage

This digital travel scale measures up to 10 g.

Be sure to keep an eye on the following purchase criteria when buying your personal luggage scale test winner, as the differences between some models may be much larger than you might initially realize.

3.1. accuracy

This is by far the most important criterion for determining your personal luggage scale comparative winner. As you already know after studying the differences between analog and digital luggage scales, the latter are fundamentally the more exact alternative. Only with electronic luggage scales a weight determination of up to +/- 10 g is possible.

The forerunners of a particularly outstanding technology include the following manufacturers:

  • soehnle
  • Luxe Bell
  • Beurer
  • Karcher
  • Castle guard

Other lesser-known brands, in turn, include the following:

  • Pearl
  • Trailite
  • Etekcity
  • Smart Weigh

Note: We recommend just faces more stringent and stricter weight controls on luggage (especially the smaller airlines), a balance with the most accurate weight, so at best, with a fluctuation of not more than +/- 100 g.

In an emergency, it may be possible with a few 100 grams of extra weight, part of the contents of the case as hand luggage yet without extra cost to carry in the plane.

3.2. weighing range

Luggage scale comparison 2018: luggage

This analog scale has a measurement range that is expressed in kilograms and pounds. The weighing range is only 30 kg.

Almost as well The area to be measured is relevant for the purchase of the best luggage scale for youwith which you handle, because this also varies depending on the balance model. Evaluations of different luggage scales tests have shown that a load capacity of 50 kg is part of the standard for the majority of the corresponding models. But watch out: Some luggage scales measure only up to a limit of 40 kg, others only up to 30 kg.

Nevertheless, for the average use of a luggage scale you will in the rarest cases to come into a state of emergency, to exceed the maximum weight of 50 kg, However, given the maximum permissibility of 32 kg on some airlines, it will be very tight for those models that only weigh up to 30 kg.

After all, in some areas of this planet, it may make sense to use the (British) imperial system in addition to the usual in Europe metric scale - In most cases you can therefore switch between the kilogram and the pound.

3.3. handiness

Luggage scale comparison 2018: scale

This luggage scale can be used with both hands.

A luggage scale has the claim particularly small or space-saving and handy to be and yet some analog copies meet this claim only conditionally. However, analogue luggage scales usually weigh no more than 200 g.

While a light suitcase can usually be weighed without problems with one hand, manufacturers recommend the use of both hands for heavier baggage - although this is not possible with every model despite an ergonomically shaped handle.

3.4. Additional functions

Luggage scale comparison 2018: 2018

This electronic luggage scale is so small and space-saving that it can easily be carried in the luggage.

In particular, digital luggage scales offer a number of helpful additional functions, some of which may be of interest to you:

  • The weight of the last weighed case remains in the bag for some time Storage.
  • Analog luggage scales are often with one integrated tape measure fabricated - so you can still measure the dimensions of your hand luggage directly in front of the counter if necessary.
  • Especially digital models have a temperature and time display. With the function as a clock, an alarm clock is often an integral part.
  • You need a quick draining of the battery with digital devices thanks to a integrated automatic switch-off do not be afraid.

4. What are common dimensions for carry-on luggage with the airlines?

Name of the airlineMaximum weight of hand luggageMaximum dimensions of the hand luggage
Aer Lingus10 kg55 x 40 x 24 cm
air Berlin8 kg55 x 40 x 23 cm
Air France12 kg55 x 35 x 25 cm
British Airways (BA)23 kg56 x 45 x 25 cm
easyJet56 x 45 x 25 cm
euro Wings8 kg50 x 40 x 23 cm
Germania6 kg55 x 40 x 20 cm
Lufthansa8 kg55 x 40 x 23 cm
Qantas7 kg56 x 36 x 23 cm
Ryanair10 kg55 x 40 x 20 cm
United Airlines (UA)56 x 35 x 22 cm
Vueling Airlines10 kg55 x 40 x 20 cm

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