Müffelalarm! What to do if the sofa stinks?

Do you know that? You settle down comfortably on your couch and want to enjoy the end of the day in peace and quiet, but then you get a nasty smell in the nose! Something "weeps" in the upholstery, maybe an old, spilled drink - or a nasty souvenir of the cat? Whatever it is, a herb has grown up against it!

Before cleaning: Check sofa for mold!

However, if the couch smells musty or even "mushy", it may well be that the gray horse has seized the opportunity and settled in the upholstery. For example, if the sofa is on a cold, slightly damp outside wall, this suspicion is particularly justified.

Since molds are hazardous to health, it is in this case not really advisable to continue to use the piece of seating furniture. If you think the infestation is superficial and you really want to save your couch, you can try cleaning with isopropanol.

The sofa stinks - but it is not a mushroom

If there is definitely no mold in the couch, but it nevertheless stinks unpleasantly, there are at least three ways to tackle the problem. Here are our suggestions:

Means against stenchapplicationoperation
Textile freshener from the drugstorespray on thinlyactive ingredients encapsulate the odor molecules, slightly perfuming causes a fresh scent
Soda in powder formApply moist or dry, vacuumBasic soda neutralizes acid fumes, breaks up proteins and fats
Vacuum cleaner with upholstery cleanershampoo and vacuumputs the cleaner with pressure into the upholstery and pulls it out with the dirt again

Even a wet vacuum helps you to combat the bad smell. In contrast to the use of the vacuum cleaner, in this case you must do the shampooing manually - and then vacuum the detergent. The depth effect is of course lost.

Tips & Tricks

Before any intensive cleaning, you should vacuum the entire sofa surface to remove any loose dirt. Regular airing and pat to help keep the upholstery fresh.

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