Dustbin box comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the garbage bin comparison or test 2018

  • Trash can boxes have many advantages: they provide an aesthetic upgrade and fulfill, among other things, practical purposes such as odor prevention, vandalism and weather protection.
  • There are many different types of garbage boxes that differ in size, material and equipment. In addition to shelters that are open at the side, also closed specimens and those with a plant tray on the roof are offered.
  • When choosing a garbage bin box, pay attention to the materials used. Depending on your individual needs and requirements, you may find the best suited for washed concrete, stainless steel, sheet metal, wood or plastic. Further information can be found in the second chapter of our buying guide.

Dustbin box comparison 2018: comparison

According to an overview of the Federal Statistical Office on waste generation in private householdsIn 2015, Germany generated about 37.3 million tonnes of household waste. Most of them end up in the classic garbage cans of plastic, which are placed in the yard, garden or in front of the house or block of flats. Especially in the summer with warm temperatures it can lead to unpleasant smell development, which is perceived by many as very disturbing.

To avoid this, thereby improving the comfort and at the same time the visual impression of the condominium, offers the purchase of a corresponding Mülltonnenbox. In our 2018 garbage bin comparison, where you might find your personal garbage bin test winner, we have the best garbage bin boxes compared to each other. We tell you why it is worth buying garbage cans, which types are different and what you should pay attention to when buying garbage boxes.

1. Purpose of trash can boxes

Synonyms of garbage bin box

A garbage can box is sometimes referred to as a garbage box, garbage bin, barrel trash can, garbage bin, garbage bin storage box, garbage bin garage, garbage bin bin, garbage bin, garbage bin screen, garbage bin cabinet, garbage bin house, garbage bin screen, garbage bin shelter or garbage bin panel.

Garbage bins are often perceived as an aesthetic disturbance factor in the well-tended garden, yard or house entrance. In order to correct this image without immediately banishing the indispensable garbage cans from the property, many people now resort to the practical dustbin cladding.

In addition to the appearance trash can boxes but also score with other benefits: For example, the use of completely closed garbage boxes leads to avoidance of the unpleasant odor. Even garbage can boxes that are not completely closed, can reduce the odor usually significantly. In addition, the garbage can with the help of an appropriate box also be protected against external access and vandalism, but also from the weather such as snow or UV radiation.

In the following overview, we summarized the advantages and disadvantages of storing trash cans in a suitable shelter for you:

  • Optics are upgraded
  • Protection against strong weather conditions
  • avoids or reduces the ambient odor
  • Protection against vandalism and foreign access
  • Access to the tons z. T. only with key
  • quite bulky and take up a lot of space

2. Material, size and features are important: Dustbin box types at a glance

When dealing with garbage boxes from a garbage can test or comparison it is noticeable that they can be divided into different categories according to size, material and equipment.

2.1. Differentiation according to size and number of tons

Dustbin box comparison 2018: 2018

1-bin garbage can box for 240 liters.

Garbage can houses differ in size as well as in the number of tons to be accommodated.Particularly widespread are the garbage bin box for 120 liters and the garbage bin box for 240 liters. This is mainly because both capacities are common standard dimensions worldwide.

The number of stowable tons, on the other hand, can be divided into four different sizes:

  • 1er garbage bin box
  • 2er garbage bin box
  • 3er garbage bin box
  • 4-bin garbage bin

Although the 2 and 3 wheeler bin is one of the most widespread types, there are also numerous special shapes and sizes in which, for example, still find much more garbage cans or other garbage can types.

2.3. Distinction according to equipment

Trash Box TypeFeatures and special features
closed garbage bin box

Dustbin box comparison 2018: 2018

  • The box is completely closed (from the top as well as from the sides).
  • It offers by high protection against external influences (Weather, access by strangers).
  • also it reduces the odor in the immediate area.
  • It is equipped either with doors or with a movable lid, which can be connected by a chain with the garbage can lid, which automatically opens when opening the box.
Dustbin box with plant tub

Dustbin box comparison 2018: garbage

  • The container for garbage cans is mostly completely closed (from the top as well as from the sides).
  • Thereby protects They he garbage cans from foreign access and weather influences.
  • In addition, he provides for a Reduction of unpleasant odors in the immediate vicinity of the tons.
  • It is exclusively equipped with doors and has a roof on the roof integrated plant tubwith which the garbage can box can be greened or planted.
Garbage bin box as a shelter

Dustbin box comparison 2018: garbage

  • A garbage bin shelter is equipped with a roofon at least one side but open.
  • The refuse container is thus not protected against third party access, but probably z. T. against the weather.
  • There is only a limited reduction in the spread of odors, as the unpleasant odors on one side can escape completely.
  • Such a garbage bin separation is not particularly suitable as a garbage bin screen, since the tons do not disappear from view, but still visible stay.

2.3. Differentiation according to material

Trash can boxes can also be differentiated according to the materials used:

Dustbin box comparison 2018: boxes

Trash can fairing made of wood: Most appealing look, but quite maintenance-intensive.

Garbage bin box made of wood

  • A garbage bin box is made of wood quite caringbecause wood is not particularly weather-resistant (oil should be applied two to three times a year).
  • This is advantageous in a wooden garbage boxlight weight opposite containers made of concrete or stainless steel.
  • Depending on the type of wood, design and workmanship, such boxes can be reasonably priced.

Note: If you buy a garbage bin that is made of wood, make sure that it has the seal of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This indicates that the material used comes from responsible and sustainable forestry. The Stiftung Warentest also points out in a report dated 29.04.2004 that according to a study by the nature conservation organization FERN, FSC certification is internationally most credible.

Garbage bin box made of stainless steel

  • A garbage bin box made of stainless steel is particularly high quality, since the material stable, extremely weather-resistant and rustproof is.
  • The disadvantage is that garbage boxes made of stainless steel pretty hard are.
  • Many stainless steel garbage boxes can be assigned to the upper price segment.

Dustbin box comparison 2018: comparison

Metal trash can box made of sheet metal: Many color variations but susceptible to shocks and scratches.

Garbage bin box made of sheet metal

  • A garbage can box made of sheet metal is very light and thus, for example, easy to transport.
  • In the choice of color, there is usually a great deal of creative freedom, as metal garbage boxes made of sheet metal in many different colors can be purchased.
  • Unfortunately, most sheet metal garbage cans are sensitive to bumps and scratches and buckle relatively quickly.

Dustbin box made of washed concrete

  • The most durable trash can boxes are those made of concrete or washed concrete.
  • They stand out extremely high stability, longevity and insensitivity to weathering out.
  • As a rule, such garbage boxes are very difficultso they have to be delivered by crane and set up.

Dustbin box comparison 2018: dustbin

Plastic garbage box with wood look: many design variants and shapes.

Plastic trash bin box

  • A cladding for garbage cans made of plastic is relative to weather conditions, in contrast to wood, relatively resistantalthough they may fade over time.
  • It is available in many different colors, shapes and design variants.
  • Unfortunately, plastic often works as a material not very high quality, which is reflected in the usually relatively low price.

Tip: A price classification by materials is not always perfectly possible, since it can vary greatly depending on build quality, brand and manufacturer. In general, however, it can be stated that plastics are more likely to be assigned to the lower price segment, while sheet metal and wood are more likely to be classified as medium, washed-out concrete and stainless steel predominantly in the upper price segment.

3. Purchase criteria for Mülltonnenbox: You have to pay attention!

For example, if you want to buy a cheap trash can box from a garbage bin test or comparison, you should take a look at the different purchase criteria that we will introduce to you in our buying guide.

3.1. Size, tons and material

Dustbin box comparison 2018: 2018

A wooden garbage bin for 3 tons.

The distinction of garbage boxes according to size, number of tons and material has already been dealt with in detail in our second chapter. In general, however, the following should be mentioned again:Garbage can houses are in size mainly in two (120 l and 240 l), in the number of tons in four (1, 2, 3 and 4) and the material in about five (wood, stainless steel, sheet metal, plastic, concrete ) Standard equipment available.

In addition, there are of course other designs that significantly expand the standard repertoire of garbage cladding (eg garbage bin boxes made of rattan), but their presentation would go beyond the scope of our garbage bin guide.

3.2. Optics and functionality

Dustbin box comparison 2018: boxes

A closed trash can box reduces odors.

If you are looking for a chic look first and foremost, in which the garbage cans are completely disguised and thus virtually invisible to the beholder, it is worth buying the closed garbage can boxes made of wood, sheet metal, stainless steel or plastic. Garbage boxes made of washed concrete or concrete are indeed very stable, but generally have a much less attractive appearance than those from the above materials.

In terms of functionality, closed boxes are also preferable to open trash can shelters: They prevent the spread of unpleasant odors and protect your garbage cans from external access, weather and vandalism.

Tip: If you want the longevity of a garbage box, you should resort to almost indestructible washed concrete (or normal concrete). As an alternative, thanks to its stable and rust-free properties, stainless steel is also ideal.

3.3. weatherability

Dustbin box comparison 2018: boxes

At least once (better two or three times a year) wood should be treated with appropriate care oil.

The weather resistance is an important issue, especially in wood. While especially concrete and stainless steel withstand weather conditions and also sheet metal is relatively insensitive, wood must be subjected to a special method of preservation.

With the help of boiler pressure impregnation, in which moisture is removed from the wood, the wood changes its properties: It becomes more resistant to weather and UV influences. Unfortunately, the effects of UV radiation, rain, frost, etc. do not stop in the long run or in impregnated wood, so it should be treated with wood care oil from time to time.

Interesting: Although plastic is considered to be relatively weather-resistant, frost and strong UV radiation, in particular, can greatly damage the material. Depending on the build quality, plastic can fade, become brittle and even crack.

Dustbin box comparison 2018: comparison

4. Questions and answers around the subject of garbage can boxes

4.1. How do I build a garbage bin?

Dustbin box comparison 2018: dustbin

Garbage bin planting: Some garbage boxes contain a plant tray on the roof.

If you are a craftsman, you can also build a garbage bin yourself.However, we advise you to do this only if you have already gained extensive experience in DIY.

Keep in mind that only the purchase of the required material (eg smooth edge boards, wooden slats and pillars, lamellar fence fasteners, stainless steel screws, stainless steel hooks, stainless steel wire rope, wood care oil, matching tools etc.) is very time-consuming and cost-intensive.

Homemade variants often cost 200 euros and more. Added to this is the working time that you have to spend on the actual construction of the box. With all these variables in mind, you'll soon find that buying a cheap garbage bin in many cases is more rewarding.

4.2. How much is a Mültonnenbox?

For a garbage bin you can spend very different sums depending on the material, processing and equipment. A cheap box made of plastic, wood or metal you already get for about 100 to 300 euros. But noble wood products can also go far beyond 300 euros. Trash can houses made of washed concrete or stainless steel, however, are usually much more expensive and move z. T. in a price range beyond the 1,000 euros.

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