Dimensions of aerated concrete blocks - wide range

Concrete blocks are easy to process, even by a layman. They do not cost too much and they come in many different sizes for every location. Despite their lightness, aerated concrete blocks have a very good insulation value.

Modern building material

Since many people have associated the term aerated concrete with something negative, such as outgassing, this name is often replaced by the term aerated concrete. This had the second advantage of eliminating all doubts that were simultaneously eliminated by the low weight of the material.

However, whatever material you may call, this material has almost only benefits. The only disadvantage is the susceptibility to moisture. Therefore, the stone must be stored before the processing already protected.

Building masonry with aerated concrete blocks

For masonry there are aerated concrete blocks, which are provided with tongue and groove. They can be glued in the thin bed process. These tiles, with which a wall can be created quickly, are available in the following dimensions:

  • Length 33.2 centimeters
  • Length 39.9 centimeters
  • Length 49.9 centimeters
  • Length 59.9 inches
  • Length 64.4 centimeters
  • Height 19.9 inches
  • Height 24.9 centimeters
  • Width 17.5 cm
  • Width 24 centimeters
  • Width 30 centimeters
  • Width 36.5 centimeters

Plan elements made of aerated concrete

On some construction sites today large plan elements are used. These larger stones are available in different lengths and they are between 37.4 and 74.9 inches high. These plan elements are available in different thicknesses from ten to about 40 centimeters.

However, depending on their size, they have to be placed either in pairs or with a mini crane. Since only a few joints arise, these elements are later particularly energy efficient.

Complete walls made of aerated concrete block

In addition, there are complete walls made of aerated concrete. Heights of 2.25 to 3.50 meters are to get here, which are manufactured in thicknesses of 11.5 to 37.5 centimeters. The width of these wall elements ranges from 25 to 62.5 centimeters. These wall elements must be moved with a mini crane.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to build yourself, a gas concrete block is the ideal solution. No big Maurer knowledge is required, as gas concrete blocks or aerated concrete are usually glued in the thin bed process.

Nevertheless, you should not forget the spirit level when walling these light stones, because even with the gas concrete stone you can get out of line.

Video Board: AAC block application