Dimensions of dishwashers

When looking for a new dishwasher, many notice that these are available in a wide variety of designs and with a wide range of technical designations. The following guide describes the dimensions and designs between which you can select for dishwashers.

Especially when buying new dimensions are crucial

With the dishwasher, it behaves like any other household electrical appliance also: once you have it, you do not care about the technical details. But at some point comes the time, when even the oldest dishwasher finally acknowledged their service. The dishwasher repair is then no longer worthwhile, or the power and water consumption of the dishwasher are simply out of date and far too high. So a new device has to come from.

Terms for different dishwasher concepts

But before you can even deal with the dimensions of the dishwashers, it comes to you quite different technical terms of partially and fully integrated on substructure and installation up to the XXL-dishwasher just around the ears. You can distinguish the following terms:

  • Undercounter dishwashers
  • Built-in dishwashers
  • Stand devices (stand-alone machines)
  • fully integrated dishwashers
  • integrable or semi-integrated dishwashers
  • decorable dishwashers

Fully integrated and built-in devices

However, one property described by this must not exclude another. A fully integrated dishwasher is a built-in device. The built-in dishwasher is characterized by the fact that the controls are not visible, but the front completely in the kitchen decor shines. In addition, these devices are mounted in the kitchen.

Can be integrated and built-in

Integratable or partially integrable devices stand out because the front control elements are visible, but the other surface can be a front panel in the kitchen décor. These can be dishwashers which can be built in and built-in. Submountable devices do not necessarily have to be attached. However, the boundaries are fluid and so both variants can be fixed despite everything.

Integratable or partially integrable but also stands for that the front plate can be exchanged for a kitchen design. This is not necessarily the case with devices that can only be installed under- and in-built. You therefore always have to ask specifically. Devices that can stand alone are usually also substructure.

Decorable and stand-alone dishwashers

Simply remove the upper worktop. Already, the dishwasher can be pushed into a niche in the kitchen. Again, it is true again that the device can be attached, but not necessarily the case must be. These dishwashers may be decorative, but they do not have to. It must therefore be specially pointed out. For this, the front panel must also be exchanged for one with the kitchen decor.

Dimensions of dishwashers

Now there are the dishwasher but still in different dimensions. It was possible to establish certain sizes that correspond to those of fitted kitchens for kitchen cabinets. According to the dishwasher dimensions, the devices are also named with special terms:

  • Standard dishwasher, 60 cm wide, 60 cm deep, height without worktop 81 cm, with 92 cm
  • Single dishwasher, 45 cm wide, all other dimensions identical
  • counter dishwashers
  • Commercial dishwashers
  • Special sizes (narrower than standard but different from single units and oversizes)

Dimensions and capacity

These dimensions then also define the capacity of dishwashers. Originally eight single place settings could be cleaned simultaneously in single devices. Modern machines can be loaded with up to ten place settings. Standard dishwashers were originally designed for twelve place settings. Thanks to efficient use of space through digital planning, modern 60 cm units can hold up to 14 place settings.

Electricity and water consumption of dishwashers

Until 2011, the EU label showed the energy efficiency class and the associated electricity consumption. In 2011, however, the class label was expanded. So today, other data such as water consumption, drying efficiency or operating volume can be seen. However, there are special features to these values, which is why we suggest the following guide: dishwasher water consumption.

Tips & Tricks

After buying a new dishwasher, of course, their use follows. How to connect a dishwasher, you will learn if you follow this link.

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