Dimensions of Euro pallets: These are the rules

There is about the prescribed dimensions of a Euro pallet only in very small margins. For the exchange and logistics system of the load carrier to function smoothly, centimeter-accurate standards are necessary. This affects both the overall size and the dimensions of the individual parts.

Uniform planning basis

To enable a standardized exchange of goods, the European Pallet Association organized the EPAL system. By uniformly regulating the size of each Euro pallet, the space required for storage and transport can be calculated exactly by all market participants.

Furthermore, the specified dimensions take into account the necessary equipment for locomotion and loading of Euro pallets. Pallet trucks and forklifts can pick up the Euro pallets from all sides and move as safely as balanced.

Surface and deck construction

The dimensions of the entire Euro pallet is 120 centimeters in length, eighty centimeters in width and 14.4 centimeters in height. This corresponds to a contact area of ​​0.96 square meters. The upper deck boards consist of three equal width main boards and two narrower inner boards.

The two outer and the middle lying Deckbrett are 145 centimeters, the two intermediate deck boards ten centimeters wide. On the total width of the euro pallet of eighty centimeters, all five deck boards must be nailed at regular intervals. The thickness must be 22 millimeters, but can deviate up to two millimeters more.

Substructure including blocks

On the underside of the deck boards run three cross boards, which must be at a length of eighty centimeters 14.5 centimeters wide. While the square middle blocks must have the same width, the corner blocks measure 14.5 times ten centimeters. The cross boards must be between 22 and 25 millimeters thick and must not consist of the wood of poplar or aspen.

According to the width of the center and Eckklötze the width of the middle floor board is 14.5 centimeters and the two side boards ten centimeters at a uniform 120 centimeters in length. They must be nailed exactly to the undersides of the blocks.

Height and bevels

The structure of the height of a Euro pallet results in the sum of 14.4 centimeters, which are composed of four individual heights. Cover boards and cross boards have the strength of 22 millimeters with a tolerance of two or three millimeters. The blocks are 78 millimeters high, to which an additional 22 millimeters thick floorboards come.

The corners of the pallets must be chamfered consistently from top to bottom. The floor boards need at all upstanding edges chamfers, so-called chamfers. The construction of the Euro pallet results in handle holes for pallet trucks or forklift trucks with a width of 227.5 millimeters at the ends and 382, ​​5 millimeters at the long sides.

Tips & Tricks

The weight of a Euro pallet is between 20 and 24 kilograms, depending on its dry state. It is assembled according to a likewise standardized procedure of 78 nails.

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