Build a macrame swing yourself

Build a macrame swing yourself

Build a macrame swing yourself: yourself

Swings are available in a variety of forms and all have advantages and disadvantages. As soon as the children have outgrown the small plastic swings, the actions during swinging are also becoming more acrobatic.

With the knotting technology macrame it is quite easy to build a swing yourself. On such a swing you can swing upside down on the back of your knees or standing up. With a cushion as a base but she is also equipped for long dreamy swing units.

It is made with a splicing and knotting technique, it's fast. You can hang her up at one point, then she turns too. If she is hung relatively high, then she is more of a gymnast.

In any case, such a macrame swing brings variety in the local leisure activities. All you need is a rope that is at least 30 meters long, two strong rings and two small pieces of squared timber (or similar). By the way: You can make a hammock the same way.

A tree, a beam from the patio roof or the carport - and off you go. By the way: Rocking relaxes and calms down demonstrably. If that's not a good reason to work a few hours.

Material and tool requirements


  • 30 m rope (or more) approx. 6 mm thickness (Polyhanf) approx. 8,26 €
  • 2 x 35 cm square wood4,4 x 4,4 cm approx. 10 €
  • 2 rings (galvanized steel) about 6 €
  • duct tape


  • Scissors or carpet knife
  • Drill or drill

Step 1: Cut ropes

For a swing, you cut the rope into an even number of strands, at least 6 pieces each with a length of 5 meters. So that the ends do not fray, you can either wrap small pieces of tape around each end or briefly melt the ends with a lighter.

Build a macrame swing yourself: build

A band marks the section

Build a macrame swing yourself: swing

Protect the ropes against fraying

Step 2: Split

Divide the length into three equal sections and mark. The easiest way is with a piece of tape, which is tied to the point to be marked.

Step 3: Make midsection

We start with a series of simple knots (at 1.66 m) on each rope at the same height. From the top, the squared timber is later threaded onto the ropes and fixed to each rope with a second row of simple knots.

Now take your best a narrow board or a piece of cardboard from 6 to 8 cm, to always have about the same distance. Place this small board under the ropes behind the knots and on the opposite side start to loosen (splice) the first rope a little bit.

Build a macrame swing yourself: build

Pull rope 2 through this eyelet

Build a macrame swing yourself: build

Turn on the rope until it forms an eyelet

Build a macrame swing yourself: build

So the distance remains the same
  • Row 1: Through the visible eyelet you thread the second rope through. Then you do the same with the third and fourth rope and also with the last pair, rope five and six.
  • Row 2: Again, the board as a measure of distance to the point where the first connections are and at the bottom edge are now offset in turn turned up the ropes and pulled through. One remains unconnected in this series, two and three are linked together, four and five also, Rope six is ​​simply lying again.

Build a macrame swing yourself: macrame

Move the links in the next row

Build a macrame swing yourself: build

Alternating Row 1 and Row 2

Then continue row 1 and 2 alternately until the thread that borders the middle third is only 6 to 8 cm away. There again a row of simple knots on each rope.

Step 3: Prepare squared timbers

With a drill bit of 8, we pierce the square timbers at a regular distance of 6 cm. The edges and edges are filed and sanded to prevent wood chips from sticking out. A little clear coat from the spray can makes the piece of wood more durable.

Step 4: Position squared timbers

The squared timbers are threaded in front of the row of knots and fixed with another simple knot. This second knot should sit very close to the wood

Build a macrame swing yourself: macrame

Rows of knots to the end of the rope

Build a macrame swing yourself: macrame

Secure with other knots

Build a macrame swing yourself: yourself

Thread squared timbers

Step 5: Knot side panels

The side panels you knot from the squared timbers from the direction of the rope ends. You use again the board and the principle of the staggered rows. Instead of splicing and threading, you are now making knots.

Step 6: Attach rings

In the end, the rings must still be knotted. For this purpose, three of the six cable ends are led through the ring and behind all six ropes are connected with a simple knot. Shorten the ends to a uniform length and this time definitely melt with a lighter.

Build a macrame swing yourself: build

Attach rings to hang the swing on it

Build a macrame swing yourself: yourself

At the end, the new gaming device can be tried out.

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