Magnetic wall paint: clever decoration for trendy rooms

Would not that be nice if photos, posters and sticky notes could simply be pinned to the wall without leaving holes or surfaces damaged by tape? Magnetic wall paint makes it possible! Of course, you need magnetic pins to pin down the paper, but if they come in a sleek design, it looks all the better. That's what you should know about this color variety!

Magnetic wall paint is not itself magnetic

Magnetic wall paints have no magnetic properties, but they were mixed with many tiny iron particles during manufacture. As a rule, these are silicone paints that have no effect on the magnetic currents in the room or even disrupt telephone lines.

The painted wall "works" in principle like a refrigerator door, on which all sorts of magnets can be stapled. The paint is therefore harmless, except for the reduced diffusibility.

Is there magnetic paint in color?

You do not have to imagine gray or black surfaces when it comes to magnetic wall paint. The paint can be applied underneath a regular coating, so that your wall can take on every possible color.

Quick guide: How to paint your magnetic wall paint

Normally, magnetic wall paint should be painted in several thin layers on top of each other so that as many iron particles as possible are on the surface. If the individual layers are too thick, grooves and brush marks can form, so use the paint more sparingly.

  • create a stable, flat wall surface; Remove wallpaper residues, smooth-trowel
  • prime strongly absorbent or crumbling substrate with primer
  • Measure the area, mark it in pencil, tap it off with adhesive tape
  • Roll a thin coat of paint along or brush it, let it dry
  • Apply the next coat of paint across, let it dry
  • to the sample Place the magnet: if necessary apply a further layer of paint longitudinally

If you still want to paint over the magnetic wall paint with a dispersion paint, you should rather apply one coat too much than too little, so that the magnets really hold. Experts speak of up to 6 paint layers.

Can magnetic paint be painted on walls only?

This color is not only intended for the wall, it can also be applied to wallpaper, wood and plastic. Of course, the design options expand enormously! These ideas come to mind spontaneously:

  • magnetic cupboard doors
  • magnetic chair loan
  • magnetic framed pictures
  • magnetic sculptures
  • magnetic doors
  • magnetic flower vases
  • magnetic mirror frame

Can magnetic wall paints be removed again?

This type of color is very difficult to remove, ideally, you try it with a grinder. However, the removal of the coating is usually not necessary, because you can paint over them easily.

Tips & Tricks

If you paint the magnetic wall paint on wallpaper, then you can be sure that the removal will be relatively easy later on. Especially dry-peelable wallpaper are suitable for this purpose.

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