Mayherz tinker

Mayherz tinker: paper

On May 1, many young and old men want to surprise their sweetheart with a May heart, that they hang up or put up at their window. In a leap year, however, the May is put by the women. A May heart traditionally consists of one Styrofoam or cardboard ground covered with colorful crepe paper or rice is stuck.

It takes a lot to make the heart the most beautiful of the entire road just a little skill and one of the following crafting ideas. It does not always have to be that May heart made from crepe paper florets his. Our hearts are just as beautiful and delight the heart of the loved ones even beyond May.

May hearts made of crepe paper and polystyrene


  • scissors
  • box cutter
  • Colorful crepe paper
  • thread
  • wire
  • Styrofoam

Mayherz tinker: Tinker

Krepprosen for Maiherz

Cut ten centimeters wide strips from the crepe paper. ever The longer the crepe paper strip, the bigger the rose for the May heart. For a rose one Pull the strips apart so that there is a bulge in the middle results.

The strip on the to merge the resulting bulge, to the end of a Hold piece of wire and screw in, For fixing, the flower can be tied below with a thread of the same color.

Mayherz tinker: crepe

Original May heart made of crepe paper

Using the carpet knife a heart in the desired size from the polystyrene cut out. The front of the polystyrene heart tight with the flowers produced fill.

It can be very nice with different colored crepe paper the first letter of the first name the beloved ones are put in the middle of the heart. The finished May heart with Wrap transparent foilso that it is protected from rain and wind.

A slightly less elaborate version of a heart of crepe paper is obtained if you do not roll up the crepe strips into roses, but instead Fringes in the paper cuts. Then glue the fringe strips overlapping on the polystyrene or cardboard heart.

Videotutorial: make roses from crepe paper

In the following video you will see another way how to fast and easy beautiful rose petals can make from crepe paper.

Making heart out of salt dough

Mayherz tinker: crepe


  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 cup of water
  • acrylic paint
  • brush

Mix flour, salt and water to a salt dough. For our May heart a fist-sized amount of dough take and shape to a heart. Either you can do it freely or use a cookie cutter in heart shape.

Especially a birch branch looks pretty with several heart pendants off. Make several hearts and use a wooden skewer or a straw to pierce holes for the suspension. Later you can thread colorful ribbons through.

After Drying phase of two days bake the salted dough in the oven for at least one hour at 150° C. The thicker the heart, the longer the baking time. After the heart has cooled, it is painted with acrylic paint. Only through the Varnishing will make the May Heart permanent durable.

If you like, you can also do that first letter of the first name of his sweetheart paint in a contrasting color.

Maiherz made from felt


Mayherz tinker: paper

  • Bastelfilz in different colors
  • scissors
  • adhesive
  • Cardboard or Styrofoam

A special variant for a May heart is this Wreath with felt roses, which is also a real eye-catcher as a door wreath. Cut different sized circles from colored felt.

Then cut the circles spirally up to the center of the circle. The resulting Roll in strips to roses and fix with glue, Alternatively, you can also perform small stitches with sewing thread.

Cut out a heart-shaped wreath from a large piece of styrofoam or cardboard. Often you will find in the trade already a matching Styrofoam blank in heart shape, so you can save this step. The heart with Glue colored felt to the substrate made of styrofoam or cardboard does not flash between the individual flowers. Then glue the wreath tightly to the different sized roses. Done is the May heart.

Two-tone May heart made of felt or paper

This beautiful May heart tinker in Few minutes of felt or paper, In our instructions, we have opted for a two-tone felt heart.

Mayherz tinker: heart

Two-tone May heart made of felt


  • Felt in two colors (or construction paper)
  • adhesive
  • scissors
  • pencil

The heart consists of two parts, the each made in a different color wearth. Draw a heart on felt and extend the line of the bow. Cut the first part and repeat the step on the second Colour.

Mayherz tinker: Tinker

Template for felt heart

Next, cut one half of the heart, as seen on the template, until just before the bow of the heart to get even stripes to obtain. Repeat the step with the other color. Both halves should have the same number of stripes.

Now put both halves together and alternately push a strip the first half of the heart over those of the second color.

For example, the blue stripe is first over the red, then under it, above it, and finally under it again. Coat the undersides of the Ends with glue and glue You this firmly.

Who would, cuts another heart out of felt and sticks the two-tone May heart on him.

Video tutorial: Making filigree May heart out of paper

From paper strips and glue you can make a filigree paper heart in a few minutes, which can be given away for the first of May, but also as a heart for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.

Colorful heart tags made of fabric


Mayherz tinker: crepe

  • Colorful fabric scraps
  • belting
  • fabric wool
  • Needle and yarn
  • Scissors with motivational teeth
  • paper

This crafting idea for a May heart can be implemented particularly well, if one to make several of these followerst and to the Maibäumchen for the sweetheart hangs. The pendants consist of colorful scraps.

Suited to the occasion you take the best Fabrics with floral motifs, checks or unusual tendrils.

Make a heart template out of paper. In addition the Fold paper in the middle and half a heart along the seam record. Cut out the shape and unfold it, you get a symmetrical heart. Transfer stencil to the fabrics and cut out hearts.

With a pair of scissors with motivational teeth create great decorative edges. These are therefore not beaten inside. Instead, the two Lay fabric hearts on top of each otherin that the design shows outwards. Sewing hearts, with Fill fabric wool and a fabric ribbon as a suspension Sew.


In May man does not have it easy. Not only the sweetheart wishes a Maibäumchen or Maiherz in front of her window, also the Mrs. Mama is happy about a honestly intended Mother's Day present. If you are looking for instructions and craft ideas for May hearts or mother's day hearts, you will also find the following topic page: Making a heart for Mother's Day

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