Easy Care: These features bring along latex paint

They look different, feel different and have quite interesting properties: latex paints differ from regular wall paints, although they are usually associated with the same color, the emulsion paints. They used to contain pure rubber, but today most products are enriched with polymer-based binders.

In the liquid state, water-soluble - as a coating moisture-resistant

Especially the connection between latex paint and water proves to be very practical: The liquid paint in the bucket is water-dilutable and contains no chemical solvents. The brushes can be easily washed out under the tap.

After the coating has dried, however, water can no longer harm the latex paint, and even drops drip on the shiny surfaces. That's why latex painting is also good for damp rooms, but not directly in sprinkling zones like the shower.

These advantages and disadvantages brings with it latex paint

Latex paints come up with some other nice benefits that keep do-it-yourselfers time and time again with this paint. However, there are a few non-negligible disadvantages.

dries moisture-resistanthardly diffusible
good grip on many surfacesdifficult to remove again
washable / easy to cleanGlossy effect can be disturbing
high-gloss coating possiblethe more brilliant, the harder to paint over
solvent-freemay contain formaldehyde
Price in the normal rangenatural rubber raises the price
low material consumptioncovers less well than regular wall paint

All in all, latex paint is a special purpose paint that is great for making walls easy to clean. Above all, staircases and frequently used public spaces are often painted with this type of paint.

The painter-professional strokes latex paint usually on a textured wallpaper, so the coating can be removed much better later again. In addition, the relatively thin, shiny color emphasizes textured surfaces in a charming way.

Tips & Tricks

Glass fiber wallpapers are particularly suitable as a substrate for latex paints, their plastic structure causes aesthetic surface effects. In addition, this type of wallpaper is relatively easy to bring to the wall and proves to be extremely robust in everyday life.

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