Brush strips of styrofoam cleanly

Moldings on ceilings, wall corners and walls should in many cases be colored off the ground. Already fixed strips require strenuous, elaborate coating work, overhead on the ceiling. Brushing the strips before installation saves this effort and masking. Great care is required before painting.

Care in preparation pays off

Skirting boards made of wood can be painted relatively easily because wood can be cleaned well and tolerates many types of paint and varnish. If the nail head is slightly sunk with a punch when later nailing the strips, it "disappears" from the visible surface.

When styrofoam molded trim strips are applied, two influencing factors are very important:

  • The strips should be touched as little as possible or not at places that should later wear color. Skin fat prevents colors from covering and holding and is very difficult to remove from the styrofoam surface.
  • When attaching the moldings on the ceiling and on the wall, spills, swelling and spraying of adhesive on surfaces to be painted must be avoided.

Jacking up the strips prevents sticking

Plastic or fabric gloves may well prevent direct skin contact during preparation. If the strips on a tarpaulin or old newsprint are to be painted, two narrow elevations should be pushed in as "bucks". Prevent the under-laid chopsticks, pens or other spacers, which sticks the color at the ledge edges with the cover.

Instead of masking off use mobile protective strip

If corner or decorative strips already attached to the ceiling or wall are painted, the masking with masking tape can be replaced by a stopped cover strip. It is stopped at the respective edge of the ledge to the ground at a 45-degree angle, while the brushstrokes are made. The cover strip must be as "sharp" edge as possible and cleaned again and again with a cloth to avoid unclear edges.

Tips & Tricks

If your moldings are heavily soiled, you can plaster the surface and then paint it. In addition to mortar, acrylic products are also suitable for plastering.

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