The mansard roof - difficult construction, but plenty of space

A mansard roof has only a slight roof slope in the upper area and then bends to run almost vertically downwards. High demands are placed on the construction. This creates living space that has hardly any slopes.

Different variants of the mansard roof construction

It can be bent at the mansard roof, which is sometimes also called mansard roof, all four sides of the roof. But it can also be constructed only one or two pages in this form.

Of course, there is also the variant, which rises one side as a straight so-to-speak normal gable and the other three sides are bent in the mansard roof shape.


If all four sides are bent in this way in a house, this is often referred to as a mansard whale roof. During the Baroque as well as in the 1920s, this construction was often used.

Construction of the mansard roof

The mansard roof is usually constructed as a rafter roof. Here, either purlins or throat beams are used at the height at which the roof pitch kinks. This creates a particularly stable and durable roof with plenty of space.

The difficult part of the construction in a mansard roof consists in the transition from the flat inclined part of the roof to the steep sides. Here you have to work exactly at the planning stage.

In addition, not every roof tile for this roof shape can be used because the low inclination of the upper half of the roof usually requires a different pan than the steep side. So you have to find a roof covering that offers both possibilities.

Tips & Tricks

If local building regulations permit, you should think about a mansard roof. Finally, it offers a lot of space without having to build a complete additional floor.

By the way, you achieve with this roof shape but also an extraordinary overall impression and lift your house from the crowd.

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