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There is never enough space for clothes and laundry. If there is not enough cupboard space in the bedroom, just dodge it. We'll show you how easy it is to build a walk-in closet.

Construction manual Walk-in wardrobe: manual

Who does not know this phenomenon: The wardrobe is bursting at the seamsThe hangers hang close together and your favorite sweater can barely be found. In addition, for every new garment inevitably an old soft.

They are obviously suffering lack of space, But no matter how small your bedroom is, the dream of a walk-in closet can be realized almost anywhere.

We introduce individual systems for walk-in wardrobes, with which you have enough space for all your clothes and store them even more clearly.

The individual wardrobe

Construction manual Walk-in wardrobe: construction

Individual cabinet systems can be found at various furniture manufacturers and can be tailored to suit your particular room requirements and personal needs:

Depending on whether you need more clothes to hang or more storage space on shelves - you have the choice and can put together your wardrobe according to your personal preferences.

Preferably, the entire room height is used in the installation, then find less often needed laundry their place. The furniture industry manufactures a wide variety of wall units with different widths.

Construction manual Walk-in wardrobe: wardrobe

Special features such as coat rails, drawers, baskets, pull-outs, shoe racks and more help to make the most of the space and keep the overview.

The right door for every wardrobe

In the choice of wardrobe door, you can choose between a suitable one Rotary, sliding or folding doors decide. However, you should make sure that a passage width of 100 cm is not undershot, so you do not get claustrophobic when entering your wardrobe.

Construction manual Walk-in wardrobe: wardrobe

If you then hang a large mirror, the walk-in closet becomes a luxurious dressing room.

Large bedroom with walk-in closet

Thus, unused space becomes a new luxurious space

If you have a large bedroom, you can use a light partition to separate a walk-in closet.

Construction manual Walk-in wardrobe: wardrobe

Metal profiles, which are covered with plasterboard, are not only cheap, but also offer many design options.

U and Z profiles made of metal are accordingly cut off and then screwed to the floor and ceiling. Such a framework forms the framework.

Cables for lighting can disappear inconspicuously in the profiles. Before dressing, fill the gaps with insulation material. If a door is desired, frames are simply attached to the upright profile.

Small bedroom with walk-in closet

Small but spacious

Unfortunately, not everyone has such a large bedroom, that he can separate from this one piece. But if

Construction manual Walk-in wardrobe: wardrobe

If there is a small storage room near your bedroom, it can also easily be converted into a walk-in wardrobe.

It does not matter if the room is angled, Roof slopes or other difficult structural conditions possesses.

With the various Rega elements you can turn your storage room into a luxurious walk-in wardrobe.

The choice of lighting

To keep you in the dark, be sure to attach a central lamp that illuminates the entire wardrobe.

Construction manual Walk-in wardrobe: walk-in

Optionally, you can work with halogen systems, spots, indirect lighting or backlit shelf elements.

Origin of walk-in closets

The idea of ​​walk-in wardrobes comes from the Anglo-Saxon area, especially from the cold regions of North America, where in the summer there is more than 20° C, in winter but also up to minus 30° C continuous cold. The wardrobe for these extreme weather conditions must be correspondingly large and thick and therefore does not fit in conventional cabinets. So you set up your own space for this purpose.

Construction manual Walk-in wardrobe: construction

Although in our latitudes constant cold are rather rare climatic phenomena, speaks for comfort reasons, but a lot for the establishment of a walk-in closet.

Make good use of niches

Arnsberg: We all know the problem of our storage space in the house. The closet is far too small and other ways to store your summer and winter wardrobe are often limited. More and more, the so-called "walk-in wall units" prevail.

The basic idea is certainly that existing storage space should be used optimally to avoid the narrowness of a "normal" wardrobe.

Sliding doors in self-assembly: Of course everything has its price and the costs are expensive. Now the owner of Holz Classic -Wilfried Kappen- has developed a system for self-makers, which turns into a true hit. By the self-assembly of custom-fit sliding doors can 50% of the usual costs can be saved.

Simple system for walk-in wardrobes in corners.

The system is pretty simple:

  • You measure the height and width of the niche, where you want to integrate a walk-in wardrobe (bevels are not a problem)
  • You request an offer by e-mail, telephone or post with the measurements.
  • Or you can create an offer directly on the website
  • You get a frame pattern and everything you need for a decision.

Individual room divider

When you have made your decision and placed your order, Get the complete frame material and accessories quite quickly with a simple understandable assembly instructions.

Since the tastes of materials and colors are different, you can on site at a wood supplier, the fillings (this is called the wall surfaces) cut to millimeter precision to your taste. The exact cut dimensions for the fillings are of course included.

If Wooden door or glass fillingsYou decide for yourself what is right for you. Soon the wood fillings of Holz-Classic will be offered.

The delivery program has since been replaced by a suitable shelving system aluminum added.

A look at the homepage of the company Holz-Classic is definitely worthwhile.

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