Manufacturer of paving stones in Germany

There are three types of paving stone manufacturers. In Germany alone, there are around four thousand concrete plants and around two thousand quarries, many of which also produce concrete or natural stone paving stones. In addition, there are a few hundred brick kilns burning pavers. As in most sectors, there are industry associations where manufacturers are organized and agree production standards. Most associations have lists of members or contact details that allow individuals to find manufacturers from their area.

Several associations in each industry

Since the production and use of concrete is very far-reaching, there are individual and sub-associations for the different interests. The internet portal offers a good overview, whereby the sub-association deals specifically with concrete paving stones. The situation is similar for the quarries, on which many general information can be found under Sub-associations with the orientation on natural stone paving is the Among the member associations is the Federal Association of the Brick and Tile Industry under, which unites the manufacturers of pavers under its roof. An independent address and contact data collection of quarries worldwide can be found at Natural stone specialist information is also published here and company data about the natural stone is collected. At present, there are almost one hundred quarry operators, over three hundred natural stone traders, around 270 natural stone importers and over 150 paving companies.

Keyword child labor: European manufacturer's warranty

Especially in the extraction of natural stone unfair practices by manufacturers in other countries have become known media. The hard work is being done, among others, by children in India or China in order to offer unrivaled low prices on the world market. Especially in Asian and sub-Saharan African countries, many brickworks employ children. In addition to human rights questionability, these methods also threaten the local economy. You should pay attention to the origin when choosing your paving stones made of natural stone in order not to support this procedure. All quarry operators in the European Union guarantee by regular controls not to use children and many international manufacturers are voluntarily checked.

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