Plant and maintain a maple tree in the garden

Varied maple

Plant and maintain a maple tree in the garden: maple

The tree genus Acer, to German maple, is extraordinarily varied and contains many beautiful species and varieties for the garden.

Often it is the leaves that make the trees so interesting: some have one extraordinary shape and others have one striking color, They are for example red, bright yellow or even multicoloredFor example, white-green or pink-green. Other Acer impress with a striking autumn color or bark color.

Because also the Growth forms and sizes vary, maples can be found for a variety of garden sizes and also for large planters. There are a variety of beautiful maple trees that require little space, such as the ball maple (Acer platanoides 'Nana').

Learn more about maple as a garden plant in the following.

The maple in mythology

The Celts saw in maple a sign of wholeness, where the white wood spoke for a special inner purity. The five-fingered leaf refers to the connection between man and tree.

In the Greek mythology On the other hand, the tree does not stand for the cheerful side of life: Man Ares consecrated himthe god of involvement and war. In addition, the should Trojan horse made of maple wood be timbered.

Winged maple seeds in autumn

Plant and maintain a maple tree in the garden: maple

Red maple leaves

The Seed of maple have little wings. These work like propellers and cause the mature seeds to turn slowly when dropped. As a result, they stay in the air longer and the wind has more opportunities to capture the maple seeds and carry away.

This leads to a better distribution of the seeds and they can germinate in locations where the lighting conditions are better than directly under the tree from which they originate. The Wings on the seeds are also the reason that the maple sometimes called Cherubs tree referred to as.

At the Tree are always two nutlets with each other connected, they separate themselves (before the fall) and then sail helicopter-like on the ground.So stoop, pick up and throw up! And if you open the pericarp, you can do it with the sticky inside as nose and ears Insert extension - one varied "toy" of nature.

The mountain maple

Plant and maintain a maple tree in the garden: plant

maple crown

Many tree species are associated in the mythology with hardness, many with wisdom and other properties. In the mountain maple, this is a bit different. His play of colors and the fact that he despite his dense crown loose and airyt, let him probably not seem serious enough and have spared him of wise sayings largely.

"This tree is held in honor because of its funny shadow," writes Jakob Theodor - named after his birthplace Bergzabern "Tabernaemontanus", in his "New Kreuterbuch" 1588 - the Sycamore tree as a tree that comfort depressive people could.

Freestanding is the Trunk of the mountain maple often quite short and branches after a few meters. This results broadly spreading crowns with tightly closed canopy, The maple therefore throws a strong shadow: "because of its broad, full foliage, the poets often speak of the maple's dark shadow," it says in Grimm's Dictionary.

Accordingly, the maple is also a popular tree for parks. And if that strong shady tree already cool pleasant, so the individual leaves will probably do it, says the folk medicine. Already Egyptian priests used them at the Treatment of inflammation.

Hildegard von Bingen wrote in the 12th century, a bath in water, in which the Branches and leaves of maple cooked provide relief for fever - if you also drink maple juice with wine. Warm maple purged the gout, she continued. And this is not unlikely: maple, but especially pointed maple, keeps body heat better than most other woods - a reason to use it for device stalks.

Josef Guggenmos (1922-2003) describes in his just 16 words long poem "Bruder Ahorn" that he is his Ear to the maple lays - and: "I almost hear it beating, his heart." That is still the case today: If you put your ear to the trunk of a younger maple on a sunny, slightly windy day, you will become one To hear chuckle in the tree, almost like a water pipe.

The other ways to play with maple, many certainly know even from childhood, especially the "helicopter game" September the winglets are ripebut stay on the tree for a few weeks, sometimes until December, until the storms tear them down and transport them over 100 meters.

In the mountains, it makes sense that the tree waits to drop until it is snowy - then the nutlets slide on icy surfaces - up to a kilometer. In the nearest city park is certainly an exercise option, because of the Sycamore is a valuable park and avenue tree, He is recognizable from afar October and November in its magnificent yellow autumn color.

Good news also for garden owners who want to have their own sycamore maple in the garden: Meanwhile, there are varieties that are less expansive.

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