The maple: A tree that is beautiful even in winter

Some maple species are particularly impressive in winter with their decorative bark. That of the Rostbart maple (Acer rufinerve), for example, has ornamental white longitudinal stripes. It is one of the so-called snake skin maples, whose common feature is an idiosyncratic patterned bark. Also the stripe maple (A. pensylvanicum) with white longitudinal stripes on smooth, light green bark belongs to this group.

Quite different, however, the picturesque growing, rare cinnamon maple (A. griseum): He has a cinnamon brown bark, which separates in large, thin strips of the trunk and the branches.


Japanese maple

Japanese maples have daintier leaves than the pointed and mountain maple. The elegant, filigree Japanese fan maples (Acer palmatum in varieties) belong to a certain extent to the aristocracy of garden plants. These small maples fascinate with fan-shaped, sometimes very strongly slotted leaves in a variety of shades of green or red. Each leaf is a little masterpiece of exquisite beauty.

In autumn, they impress with fireworks of colors ranging from bright golden yellow to rich orange and dark red. Because the range of Japanese maples is very extensive, a suitable maple can be found for every garden size. Some of these mostly slow-growing trees can also grow in very small gardens, courtyards and plant pots.

Maple syrup, the sugar maple and Canada

maple leaves

Maples are a very important and large group of trees. There are over 100 different species and countless varieties. The autumn color variety of the maples is particularly fascinating. Many maples have hand-lobed leaves. Such a maple leaf is also found on the flag of Canada. From the growing in Canada sugar maple (Acer saccharum) the famous maple syrup is won.

By boiling, the syrupy sap produces the thick maple syrup, which is often used to sweeten pancakes and ice cream. In Europe, maple trees are planted for their beautiful leaves, interesting bark, striking autumn color or appealing growth habit. Because there are so many different maples, you can also find beautiful varieties for small gardens. Some maples can even be planted in vessels.

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