Maple wood - what price do you have to expect?

Maple wood is one of the high-quality domestic woods, which are also often referred to as "Edellaubhölzer". The prices are correspondingly high. What maple wood can cost, you will find in detail in this article.

Prices for different maple species

In the timber trade, one can see clear price differences between European and (mostly) Canadian maple species from non-native locations. As a rule, the sawn timber for European maple wood is required to be between EUR 750 and 900 per m³, or in exceptional cases around EUR 1,000 per m³.

Canadian maple

In contrast, Canadian maple species usually cost between 1,200 and 1,500 EUR per m³ as sawn timber, and edged goods can be even more expensive. Here the prices are then between 1,400 and 1,700 EUR per m³

Birdseye maple

A special feature is the bird's eye maple, which is also very rare in trade. Here, the prices are at a very high level, as a rule you have to go from well over 5,000 EUR per m³ in this timber.

Top quality rare

The high price differences for native maple wood can be explained in the maple wood also by the fact that top quality of the highest grades of maple is less common than other types of wood in Germany. As a result, the market price for wood in the highest quality level is subject to enormous fluctuations from year to year. Within five years, the price for top-quality maple can certainly halve or double.

Prices for firewood

Although maple wood has a relatively high calorific value (only slightly lower than beech or oak), firewood is rarely found on the market. The prices are usually in the range of beech wood, but this always depends on the dealer and the offer. Anyone who buys logs from forestry must count on around EUR 95 per Efm (harvest meter) for the logs.

log sorting

Crucial is always the trading class for a wood price, especially in raw wood. Depending on the type of wood, it is also sorted according to several criteria: the diameter of the trunk, the quality and the particular use for which the wood is suitable.

Tips & Tricks

Current prices for wood species you can always find out at the Chamber of Agriculture or at the respective state forestry administration (different depending on the federal state). In addition, forest service providers always provide reliable information about current prices for raw wood.

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