Repair marble with simple means

Over the years, different types of marble damage can occur. In addition to the extensive use and wear marks are holes, scratches, cracks, broken and chipped areas possible. The repair of such impairments is possible in various ways.

The optical result counts

Basically, fixing marble can only be a kind of patch. However, sophisticated techniques and amazing procedures are able to make the repaired areas almost optically invisible. In addition to finished repair pastes, there are some alternatives that sometimes lead to a better result.

The large-scale sanding of marble surfaces does not count for repairs, but is attributed to the maintenance of existing buildings. When repairing marble, a stone substitute is used in most cases, which closes open areas in the stone after processing and subsequent treatment. Cleverly and skilfully processed broken corners can be rebuilt.

Repair marble yourself with different means

  • Marble repair paste or
  • Synthetic resin or
  • Stone replacement mortar or
  • Plaster with wine or
  • Ground stone with stone glue or
  • Marble replacement piece with stone glue
  • abrasive
  • water
  • color paste
  • sharpener
  • polisher

1. marble repair paste

For finished one- or two-component pastes, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

2. synthetic resin

Working with synthetic resin is very hazardous to health. Be sure to follow the safety instructions of the manufacturer. Dyed epoxy resin can fill open spots, cracks and holes.

3. Stone replacement mortar

Stone substitute mortar or restoration mortar is mixed like paint with the addition of water. Tinting colors are added and, if the casseroles are not completed, they can assume a marbled structure, which may be suitable for the marble.

4. plaster with wine

Mix plain white plaster with white wine and color binder to tint. By appropriate kneading marbled structures can be created. Drying takes at least a week.

5. Ground stone with stone glue

Beat a piece of marble of the same kind with a hammer. Then grind into stone flour in a mortar. Mix the powder with stone glue and process the paste quickly.

6. Marble replacement piece

For larger holes or broken off spots in marble, a marble replacement piece cut to size by the stonemason can be used and glued.

Tips & Tricks

Test your repair product in a dry test. Model a piece, let it dry, sand and polish it. Compare the result with your marble and correct if necessary.

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