A marble slab has its price

Who wants to buy a marble slab, for example, as a table or worktop, should pay attention to real marble. Many limestones with a similar visual appearance are also available as marble. However, they are not marble from a rock science point of view.

The name marble

In the course of historical architecture and construction, the term marble has also developed for many rocks that are not genuine marbles. Limestones, travertines and sometimes even granites and gneisses are marketed under the term marble. Of course this is also reflected in the price.

Real marble is created by high heat and strong pressure deep in the ground. The resulting process of transformation and transformation takes a long time. Due to uprisings and other changes in the history of the earth, marble "wanders" to heights that make it possible to exploit it in the first place. The mining, often located in very difficult to reach mountains, has a big impact on the price.

Marble slabs are often limestone slabs

False marble species such as the popular Jurassic marble are often degradable due to the places of their occurrence with much less effort. The quarries are often located on plateaus that used to be submerged in ancient times. The spurious marbles are mostly sedimentary rocks of a lesser age.

Due to the generous use of the term marble, many "fake" marble slabs are offered at a price that would not be attainable for real marble. At a price of less than forty euros per square meter, it should be determined exactly whether it is marble slabs made of real marble. If this is the case, it must be assumed that the marble slabs come from sources that allow the low price through exploitative degradation.

Selected providers

  • graniteland.de offers a good overview of marble species and detailed information on rock types and characteristics. Extensive mining and trade sources allow extensive research on marble slabs.
  • bamberger-natursteinwerk.de has constantly remaining stock in the offer and carries out a factory sale for end customers. The supplier also has marble slabs for the art needs on offer.
  • marmorwerk-stumm.de has specialized in the individual production of marble slabs as individual pieces for tables, for covering, as washbasins, window sills and for bathroom furniture

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the specialist dealers and mining companies, a marble slab can also be found in non-similar industries at a reasonable price. Furnace manufacturers and garden furniture outfitters often also produce individual marble slabs.

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