Marten Scare Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for Marderschreck comparison or test 2018

  • Marten like dark, warm and dry places - the engine compartment of the car is therefore made for the small predator. In their shelter, the animals then set up many bite and scratch damage. Especially often, ignition cables and cooling water cables are bitten.
  • A marten terrier scares away the animal either by ultrasound or by electric shocks. In both variants, the animal is not injured.
  • Other Vetreibungsmethoden such as fragrances, cable sheathing or foreclosure of the possible inputs to the vehicle are usually not as successful as the Marderschreck and should be as far as possible only an addition to the device.

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: 2018

Especially in spring, when the marten is on the courtship, the damage in the engine compartment of the cars increases dramatically. Each year, about 233,000 marten damage is reported - only the ADAC cares for more than 10,000 of them (source: ADAC). There are many ways to evict the troublemaker: Fragrances, cable protection, insulation, ultrasound, electric shock.

A marten fright (not:Mader Schreck) scares away the small predator either by ultrasound or by electric shocks, which, however, do no harm to the animal. Find out how you can protect your engine from the bites and attacks of the little invaders and what you can do in an attack that has already happened in our March Marsh Comparison 2018.

1. Prevent damage in the engine compartment

Small animal, big damage

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: marten

Actually, the marten is in the forest at home. In the meantime, however, the cars and the noisy big city are no longer frightening him. Meanwhile, not only rabbits and chickens must tremble in front of the predator, but also various car cables and engine compartments. Marten were long threatened with extinction. It is therefore still forbidden to kill these animals, which is why you should never resort to poison or similar means. Prevent the troublemaker with a pet-friendly method such as the marten fright.

If you find out in the morning that the engine of your vehicle has been damaged, you have to search hectically for a new commute. Marten bites off many plastic hoses (eg windscreen and coolant hoses), power lines, insulation and ignition cables. Damage to rubber cuffs, which are not so quickly noticeable, can be prevented by a marten scare.

By the Sending out very high notesA man can not hear, or hardly hear, a marten repellent dispels the uninvited guests. The Predators have a fine ear and a very good sense of smell, If they hear or smell something unpleasant, they stay away from this particular area. The installation and connection of these devices is very easy and some models can even be installed in the house. On favorable Marderschreck controls however in many cases no frequency changeso that the animals get used to the constant noise and are no longer expelled after some time.

Another variant of the Marderverscheuchers is the electric shock. Here metal plates are placed at the openings of the engine compartment, which the marten uses as an entry point. If a marten touches this tile, he gets a small electric shock and is driven away by the shocking moment, similar to an electric fence. These electric shocks are not harmful to animals or humans. The predator is merely scared and driven out. However, the installation should be left to a specialist, so that the device also works smoothly.

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: scare

Stiftung Warentest has not yet conducted a marten scare test. In 2012, however, she has published a message about how best to protect yourself from the small predators and what damage your insurance. The message states that you are well advised to take out a partial comprehensive insurance, as this covers the damage to the ignition cable, the coolant hoses or insulation. Some insurance companies even assume the consequential damages of a marten damage, Here you can read the whole article.

2. Species to drive the marten

In various marten terrors tests not only the electrical devices were examined, but also home remedies and car accessories such as cable protection and foreclosures. If you want to do without a marten scare, we have listed in the following table other options, but can not guarantee full success.


Marten Scare Comparison 2018: marten

  • Electronic device uses ultrasound, electric shock or both
  • Expulsion of the marten is very likely
  • no danger to animal or human by power surges
home remedies

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: scare

  • Fragrances such as dog or cat hair, defense sprays, mothballs
  • not very effective, as marten gets used to it quickly
  • Rain quickly washes away the scent
wire mesh fence

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: 2018

  • Place wire mesh under the parking area of ​​the car
  • unstable stall of marten by chain link fence
  • Marten does not like the unknown feeling and avoids the underground

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: scare

  • Catching of martens is not forbidden
  • the animal should not be harmed
  • Expose the marten at least 50 km away
  • Be careful when opening the trap, as martens can react aggressively

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: comparison

  • Bristle curtains closing the side openings
  • Perforated sheet that prevents access
  • especially known on VW models (not available on all makes of car)
  • Installation by workshop necessary
cable protection

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: marten

  • Sheathing of the ignition cable through hard plastic tube (usually corrugated tube)
  • must not reach hot parts in the engine compartment
  • not suitable for the protection of other cables

We have summarized for you the pros and cons of a marten deterrent unlike the other methods. Some of the categories listed above (eg bulkhead and cable protection)can also be used in addition to the marten protection device.

  • various mechanisms such as ultrasound, electric shock or combination devices
  • Expulsion of martens is very likely
  • Installation of the devices usually not difficult
  • partly high initial costs
  • Installation of the equipment by a car workshop is necessary in some cases

3. Purchase criteria for Marderschreck: You have to pay attention

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: 2018

Incidentally, dogs and other pets are not bothered by the sound of the marten merchant.

With the help of our purchase advice, we want to ensure that you find the Marderschreck test winner, which helps you best to drive out the troublemaker. Do you not only want your car, but also To protect your house, we recommend a marten terrier with ultrasound, The covered area is larger and discourages the pet from getting into your property. Which criteria you should consider, we will show you in the following chapter.

3.1. Ultrasound or electric shock

As already mentioned, both methods of marten protection are friendly to animals and do not harm the small predator. Send models with the ultrasonic defense sounds on different frequencies that drive the animal away, If you buy a marten scare and want to use it for your house or garage, make sure that the impact area is big enough.

Marten repellers with a high-voltage defense give surges to the animal when it comes into contact with the small metal plates. The marten gets frightened by that and flees. The electric shock is so low that the predator feels no pain and suffers only a shock, Even for people, the charge is safe. The best marten fright is a Device with a combination of both methods, as it is particularly effective.

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: comparison

Before you install your Marderschreck, we recommend that you do a motor wash. Especially if you have already discovered traces of the predators on the hood or you already had a marten damage, you should thoroughly clean the car and the engine compartment. Martenmännchen react particularly aggressively and bitingly to the scent of their rivals. If they smell another animal, even the ultrasound does not help them to drive off the marten.

3.2. Frequency: noise for the marten

Similar to a molehill, the marten shark works with sounds that are supposed to drive the animal away. Ultrasound is generally referred to as sounds above 20 kHz, which people can not hear. However, these frequencies are very unpleasant and loud for the martens.

Special speakers distribute the sound waves inside the engine compartment and deter the animals. Should the frequency range be at 12 kHz and do not vary, martens can quickly get used to it and let off steam in your engine anyway. The best marten terrier varies in frequency and the animal constantly finds the noise disturbing.

3.3. Effective range: Great effect, small animal

You should attach special importance to the sphere of influence if you want to protect a larger area with the marten terrier. The engine compartment is relatively small and therefore does not require a large impact area. We therefore recommend that you have one device should cover at least 40 m² with the signal if you want to use it for your house and yard, When buying, pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging, so that the device can also be used as effectively as possible.

3.4. Button cell or car battery

Marten Scare Comparison 2018: scare

Many workshops also install the Marderschreck. The functioning of the device is thus ensured.

Most marten distributors have their own Battery that lasts on average one to two years, The devices require so little power that some of them can also be connected to the car battery. If the battery of a Marderschrecks must be replaced, the subsequent costs are small, since many models are operated with button cells.

Many brands and manufacturers have already brought a marten scare on the market. Cheap models by Gardigo or MARDERfix can not always convince in operation. Expensive equipment from HJH usually do their job safely and drive the predators out of the engine compartment or from your property. The manufacturer Hagopur specializes in game damage reduction, including tips against the small predators and marten traps.

  • READ
  • Kemo
  • BioMetrixx
  • Hagopur
  • Gardigo
  • Florissa
  • K & K marten defense
  • X4-Life
  • HP-Car Accessories
  • shaft
  • Unitec
  • Stop & Go
  • Exbuster
  • Nineka
  • MARDERfix
  • Isotronic
  • Chilitec

5. Questions and answers around the topic of marten scare

5.1. How do I build a marten fright?

To be sure that the marten terrier is properly installed, we advise you to Installing the marten protection a car professional to leave, However, if you want to have the device in the engine compartment as quickly as possible, follow these instructions:

5.2. Can a water bottle serve as a marten fright?

Another popular home remedy for marten is a simple water bottle. The reflections of the animal in the water irritate him and he flees. Since the predator is rather nocturnal, this method is only partially effective - it can not see its reflection in the water bottle in the dark. If you want to scare the marten away, you better rely on the marten scare.

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