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Make masks for carnival itself: masks

Especially in traditional carnival in southern Germany or in Italy wooden masks are part of the carnival costume. But even in modern carnival masks are often worn as an accessory to the costume.

On this page were Links to free craft manuals collected, with which you can make your own masks for Carnival and Halloween. These can be customized by you.

We wish Have fun crafting and dressing up!

Making masks - instructions and ideas

Kid's Totem Poles
Make totem out of shipping rolls and paper masks.
at Bloesem Kids (English)

Carnival mask
Illustrated crafting instructions for a grotesque, traditional carnival mask made of paper mache on a clay template.
at Doit + Garden Lucerne (English)

Crochet batman mask
Crochet pattern for a Batman Mask in Amigurumi style. Illustrated manual with detailed photos.
at Squirrelpicnic

Mouse costume for children
Simple and fast mouse costume from a gray hoody and a felt mask. Detailed illustrated instructions with pattern for the mouse mask.
at Tepetua

Papier mache face
From newspaper and balloon. Detailed instructions for crafting.
at GEOlino

Tiger mask
Mask made of yellow and black cardboard. With rubber band to wind up.
at Bastelparadies

Make bird mask
Design and make a mask of your choice with a cardboard box.
at Bastelparadies

Mardi Gras Basic Mask
Print out the base half-mask for carnival, stick it on and paint it.
at DLTK's (English)

Mardi Gras Eagle Mask
Carnival Mask: Eagle Face Template for printing and coloring.
at DLTK's (English)

Simple cardboard masks
Masks for printing and coloring and masks made of paper plates.
at Enchanted Learning (English)

Ideas for animal masks as a headdress
Frog, lion, cardboard dog with Velcro - for small children.
at Hoppsala

Polar bear mask
Make a simple but beautiful polar bear mask with children from paper plates, yogurt cups, wool and construction paper. Illustrated step-by-step instructions.
at kidsweb

Mardi Gras Mask
Half mask with holding rod, feathers and gemstones.
at Womansforum (English)

Mardi Gras Half Mask
Venetian half mask with feathers and glitter.
at Womansforum (English)

Coloriage masque femme
Oriental mask for women to print and colorize.
at Tete a Modeler (French)

Le masque de la rascasse volante
Mask as a lionfish. With illustrated crafting instructions and template for printing.
at Tomlitoo (French)

Le masque de banc de poissons
Colorful school of fish as a mask. Template for printing.
at Tomlitoo (French)

Squid costume
Squid mask with four tentacles and other tentacles on clothing. Can also be used as a Cthulhu costume.
at Tomlitoo (French)

Papier-mache masks
Masks of paste and newspaper. A balloon is enough for two masks.
at ZZZebra

Tube masks made of cardboard
Mask is quickly cut out, glued and decorated with paper scraps.
at ZZZebra

Elephant mask
Tinker mask with paper plates as ears and filled sock as a trunk.
at ZZZebra

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