Mason salary - that's how it looks

One of the most popular professions, especially of men, is the bricklayer profession. The profession is surprisingly crisis-proof. Unfortunately, it is also a physically very difficult profession, which requires the bricklayer a lot of energy and effort.

Bricklayer - stack more than stones

A bricklayer has a lot more on it than just stacking stones. The somewhat monotonous job description that most clients have of a bricklayer is not only outdated, but also wrong.

The core activity of the mason is indeed the creation of walls. But especially in smaller construction projects, he also performs the cleaning and sealing work, the reinforced concrete and concrete work as well as the drainage work.

Specialists very much in demand.

Of course, also in the construction trade a steady specialization has crept in. So there are various special activities that are needed mainly on large construction sites or in an industrial environment.

Hourly wage of the bricklayer

In 2013, a mason per hour as a basic wage was 13.70 euros per hour. But there was still the Bauzuschlag. This is paid for each hour that the bricklayer works on a construction site. In addition, other supplements may be added to this basic wage.

Christmas bonus and allowances

Most masons do not only get a 13th month salary, they also receive additional allowances and often even holiday pay. Thus, the annual salary of the bricklayer is significantly higher than one would derive from the low hourly wage.

Regional different merit

The salary of a mason can be quite low at the beginning of his journeyman's time with about 1,500 to 1,800 euros. However, the level of salary also depends on the masons, as well as on many professions, on the region in which he works.

So the bandwidth is very large between the individual states. While many a bricklayer even earns up to 4,000 euros a month, his colleague at the other end of the republic would probably already enjoy more than half.

Average salary in masonry

The average salary a mason earns per month is calculated from the various regional tables and ranges from € 2,500 to € 2,700 a month. As I said, this is an average value. If you are far above, you can just be happy.

wage increases

Anyone who is already paid in the masonry trade according to the usual collective wage of IG Bau can look forward to regular salary increases, for which his union is committed. Anyone who is not employed in a company that pays by tariff has to keep the negotiations going again and again and should not be afraid to do so.

Tips & Tricks

The bricklayer job is still very crisis-resistant thanks to many new tasks in the field of thermal insulation. Therefore, despite the perhaps not very attractive starting salary the profession is a good decision for life.

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