Exposing masonry - what ideas are there?

In terms of wall design, the last few years have brought us many new trends. However, one who has been popular for decades is to leave part of the masonry unpainted or uncovered. What ideas for designing it here, read in this post.

Industrial design

Industrial design has been on the rise again in recent years. It plays mainly with structures, original, unadulterated material surfaces and the rough charm of weathered factory buildings. If you like this style, I can also bring it into your living room.

Brick walls

An exposed brick wall is a good hanger for designing the living space in industrial design style. The exposed masonry is neither new nor regular, but it brings with it the charm of raw, worn-out materials that make Industrial Designs so interesting. Anyone who has a brick masonry under his plaster then only needs to expose it.


You can either expose a brickwork on a whole wall surface by simply knocking off the plaster. It is best to use one of the following tools (or more):

  • Hammer and chisel (a lot of hard manual work)
  • powerful electric chisel
  • a professional cleaning machine

Milling planters are expensive devices, even simple versions of plastering or renovation routers cost upwards of around 150 EUR. You can also borrow them at the hardware store. Powerful electric chisel by the way, too.

Partial knocking off of the plaster

It is much more attractive if you do not cut off the plaster at all points, but only to a limited extent. For example, make a hole in the plaster so that it looks like chipped plaster under which the brickwork comes to light. Even regular shapes - such as an exposed strip on the wall - are possible. Be inspired by existing room designs.

Tips & Tricks

If you are not lucky enough to have an original brick wall under your plaster, you can also use veneers. They are inexpensive (from around 20 EUR per m²) and can be easily glued to the wall and are deceptively similar to real bricks. Again, there are numerous "used" optics to choose from. Incidentally, natural bricks are very sensitive to moisture. They begin to crumble and crumble quickly in high humidity in the room. You should think about that in advance if you are planning this design.

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