Masonry mortar Prices: a small overview

Read in this article all about masonry mortar and their prices, the individual types of mortar, price differences and the possibility to save costs.

Masonry mortar - many different mortar types

Even if you look in the DIN once, shows how many different types of mortar there.

  • lime mortar
  • lime mortar
  • and cement mortar

On the other hand, depending on the type of use, there are different types of mortar: back and masonry mortar, lightweight mortar, thin-bed mortar,...

For the prices, however, this usually makes only a small difference - most masonry mortars are in a range of around 6 - 10 EUR per 40 kg bag, special mortars with special aggregates can also cost up to 15 EUR per 30 kg bag.

As a general rule, special mortars, such as lightweight mortar or trass lime mortar, are always more expensive for natural and quarry stone walls and are often also supplied in smaller bags. However, the same prices apply to the majority of conventional mortars for brick or brick masonry.

Of course, this only applies to dry mortar - that is, the type of mortar, which is stirred from the bag with a certain amount of water. Fresh and semi-finished mortars often have quite different prices, depending on which plant they are delivered from. Here is often worth a comparison of prices and delivery costs.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • A building materials dealer with a very large assortment, interesting prices and comprehensive product information.
  • In the Amazon hardware store there is a huge range of products and often quite cheap prices. But you have to calculate with the delivery costs, which can often be quite different.
  • An online building material trade where you usually get everything you need from one source. Also with often quite cheap offers.

That way you can save costs

With dry mortar, the price differences are often very small, but sometimes differ in the individual traders, the delivery costs more or less clear, and also the graduated prices with acceptance of one or more pallets. It can be worthwhile to compare here.

Tips & Tricks

Always find out exactly which mortar you need for your project and look for the right mortar class and mortar group. Then you can not go wrong.

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