To brick the masonry

The bricking of masonry is nothing but the horizontal sealing of masonry. There are many aspects to consider. In addition, the conditions must be right so that the Verkieseln the masonry is indeed successful.

Verkieseln for sealing masonry

Water glass already knew the Romans. They also used it to make masonry. The water glass reacts chemically in the masonry and cures completely sealing. This prevents further moisture from penetrating upwards into the masonry. However, in the horizontal masonry sealing numerous errors can be committed. In particular, missing or inappropriate adjuvant is often the reason for a failure in sealing.

Horizontal masonry waterproofing with silicic acid

Borehole chains are traditionally drilled. These are:

  • single-breasted
  • two rows, then centered to each other

Incidentally, silicic acid is usually no longer used today. Rather, they are newly developed chemical products, but they work on the same principle as silica.

Construction of a horizontal seal for Verkieseln

To prefer the double row drill chain chain. In the boreholes now come small funnels. The water glass is added to this until the masonry is saturated. That can take between one and two weeks.

To really seal, certain conditions must be met

But now comes the peculiarity. Various studies and tests have shown that the success of a masonry seal is more likely if the masonry has previously been dried to at least 20 percent moisture content. Therein lies the real problem: special microwave heaters or heating rods are used.

Higher costs, but also greater probability of success

In addition to the extra cost of electricity, these devices are also anything but cheap to buy. As a result, masonry drainage has become significantly more expensive in recent years. On the other hand, however, the probability of success drops by up to 80 percent if the masonry has not been dried accordingly.

Maybe it makes sense to leave the masonry to the specialist company

Therefore, the horizontal masonry seal by the handyman is ultimately only possible if the humidity is not too dramatic. Even among specialized companies, it is first necessary to search for a suitable operation that carries out the horizontal sealing accordingly. So you should consider whether you really want to do a horizontal masonry seal yourself. If the desired success does not materialize and now a specialist company has to take over the drainage, the costs multiply considerably.

Tips & Tricks

If you still want to dry out masonry yourself, here you will find a detailed guide how to dehumidify masonry by means of silicification.

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