Massive stairs can be covered with laminate

Laminate staircases require a massive substructure because the material does not provide adequate inherent stability. As is known in the field of floor coverings, laminate is available for stair nosing with installation systems with click technology or can be glued. Important is a good impact sound insulation.

Full-surface edition

The material laminate is a composite material that consists of a carrier material that is covered with a visible layer. Unlike parquet, it is not or only to a limited extent abradable. Different depths of the visible coatings, normally wood imitation, can allow abrading once or twice for high-price quality products.

Laminate is a laying and cladding component that requires a full-surface bearing surface. Therefore, massive concrete or stone stairs are the most common substructure for stairs made of laminate. Closed wooden stairs can also be covered with laminate, which is usually done with the technique of doubling.

Abrasion and stress classes

If stairs are covered with laminate, the vertical risers can have a lower abrasion value than the treads. For laminate flooring on treads, the same standards apply as for floor coverings.

The European Standard EN 685 classifies six wear (AC) and stress classes, of which three are assigned to the private and three to the commercial sector. The three applicable to the private sector are:

  • Abrasion class AC1, stress class 21 for rare to moderate loads
  • AC2, 22 for medium load
  • AC3, 23 for heavy to intense load

At least AC2 is recommended as a horizontal material for stairs. If a main staircase connects residential floors, AC3 should be chosen. When cladding stairs, lower cost, lower abrasion grade laminates can be combined with higher quality products.


Laminate generates a high impact sound when it occurs, which is particularly noticeable when loosely laid variants. Therefore, the stairs should be insulated, which is possible with special insulation boards made of rubber or plastic. The noise development is significantly less pronounced after the entire surface bonding of the stairs with laminate.

Tips & Tricks

Since laminate is extremely sensitive to moisture and moisture, stairs are only suitable for interior stairs. If you want to laminate stairs that are often soiled, consider the resulting wiping intensity.

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