Material hoist makes every job easier

Whether on the building or in the catering trade, a material lift facilitates the work considerably. Many things that otherwise would have to be laboriously carried up or down stairs, with a material lift in no time at their destination. Many of these elevators must still be mobile in order to be relocated after their work is done.

Rack lift or inclined lift

The material lifts have very different sizes and designs. Depending on the type of technology, the elevator can carry materials of different weights. A rack and pinion lift can be set up much easier and faster than the cable lift.

Advantages of rack lifts

With flexibly usable material lifts, the rack lift has several advantages over the cable lift. He is even cheaper for these purposes.

  • great safety during operation
  • particularly robust
  • little susceptible to interference
  • easy to set up

Material lift on the construction site

The first thing that strikes us all is the roof tiles, which have to be lifted up on a construction site. But the logistics on a construction site requires a lot more and a smooth process saves a large part of the budget during construction. Delays, on the other hand, cost the same amount, as most other trades are also in default.

Scaffolding with material hoist

Since the throwing of scaffolding parts is prohibited today on construction sites, a material hoist is required already during construction. In addition, the structure of the scaffold goes much faster, which ultimately saves the cost of the material elevator again easily.

Freight lift for the move

Also a flexible lift is provided for removals. Here an inclined lift is installed so that the furniture and boxes can be issued through the windows. Not only does this save many heavy aisles through the staircase, it also spares walls and stairs.

In addition, not only is a piano often too big to move in a narrow staircase. Also, many furniture is too bulky to transport safely without a lift.

Tips & Tricks

Even on a private construction site, you should use the help of a material lift. The simple but safe transport at the same time prevents accidents that can happen due to the tiresome towing of material.

Video Board: construction hoist install video