Material list

Room divider and privacy screen for the balcony

The local balcony is especially for city people a small oasis, where you spend your time in peace. There you would like to enjoy the sun and barbecue with friends - one or the other storage space would not be wrong. Often, balconies are too long and narrow cut, the space is very limited and can usually be used poorly. Very practical is therefore a screen, which can also be used as a room divider. In addition, it offers a seating area and storage space for balcony accessories.

material list

2box pages103.0 x 33.0 cm18 mm multiplex
1box bottom119.2 x 25.0 cm18 mm multiplex
2outdoor flooring20.0 x 15.0 cm18 mm multiplex
1outdoor floor60.0 x 18.5 cm18 mm multiplex
2Box crossbars below119.2 cm long28 x 45 mm spruce
1Box cross bar in the middle119.2 cm long28 x 45 mm spruce
1Intermediate piece above20.0 cm long20 x 50 mm spruce
2Seat crosspieces33.0 cm long38 x 80 mm spruce
2seat feet34.0 cm long38 x 60 mm spruce
1round bar87.0 cm long∅ 30 mm
9seat rails122.8 cm long28 x 45 mm spruce
24profile woods122.8 cm long96 x 12.5 mm spruce, top surface 88 mm
3Cross bars for flap33.0 cm long28 x 45 mm spruce
7hinges30-35 x 80 mm
1Waterproof wood glue
1Storm hook with eyelet as hold for folded seat
2Watering flower boxes60 cm long

tool list

  • drill
  • Foxtail or jigsaw
  • Dopelhobel
  • wood file
  • chisel

Building instructions: Balcony screen

Mark the backrest slope on the two sides of the box according to the dimensions in the construction drawing and Cut with a foxtail or a jigsaw. Rework the saw cuts clean with a double planer. On the inside of the box, mark the position of the box bottom and the box cross bars at the bottom and in the middle and drill holes for later screwing. Join floor and transverse strips with waterproof wood glue and screw together. Work the floor at the front edge at a slant until it is flush with the back slope.

Cut the outer floors into shape with the jigsaw and rework with rasp, wooden file and sandpaper. Glue these on the free-standing side of the box - either on the right or on the left - with waterproof wood glue, screw in from the inside and glue in the support triangles created from the multiplex sections.

Four Profile boards in the length of 122.8 cm begeleimimt to the bottom flap in tongue and groove. Insert the hinge into the three transverse strips at the lower end in each case, that is, work so deeply with a chisel that the material thickness of the hinge fits flush.

Before the hinges can be screwed to the flap cross-sections, the screw holes for the screw heads (on the hinge parts to be fastened later on the lower box cross-section) must be pre-drilled on the back. That is necessary because the hinges installed 270 degrees open become. Now screw the hinges to the cross bars and glue them to the back of the flap with waterproof wood glue. Press with screw clamps and let the glue dry.

Now plank the back of the box starting from the bottom with the profiled boards. To distribute waterproof glue there, where they rest on the sides and attach each board additionally with nails.

On the front side with a little distance from the upper edge of the flap, start planking the box. The first board must be cut lengthwise, beveled at the joint, and then glued on and glued together. Complete the last (top) board in width with the top edge of the box side. Since it has been cut at an angle, use a planer to plan the required slope. Insert the spacer in the middle above as a support for the flower boxes with glue and secure with a clamp until the glue has dried.

Bank and painting

For the bench, cut the two seat cross pieces - front 8 cm and back 6 cm wide. At the front cut a 45 degree slant, 5 cm wide, and work out a curve at the back. Glue the seat rails, which are cut to length and provided with circumferential chamfers at the ends, with water-resistant wood glue and press with clamps on the cross pieces or with nails. First dry the middle stripsto determine the distance that must remain between the seat rails. (The distance here is approximately a measure that corresponds to the width of a folding rule.) Glue the strips waterproof, as do the two front seat rails.

The feet with a drilled and glued round rod - Bring light measurements as for the seat cross rails 82 cm - and fasten with the hinges under the seat cross pieces. Screw the resulting seat onto the box with hinges. Use 40 mm long screws, which find center support in the cross bar. This is important because they carry the weight of the people sitting on it later.

Who wants, can from sections of the profile boards, insert a floor into the box or - like us - leave the box open below. In any case, rubber bumpers or chair leg sliders should be placed under the box and seat feet so that soil moisture does not come in direct contact with the wood.

For surface treatment: Paint the box twice with environmentally friendly varnish on the outside, then apply water-borne clear varnish to the insides. The seat itself can be accentuated in color.

When all painted surfaces have dried, the flap and seat can be reinstalled the flower boxes are planted and used. We used boxes with separate irrigation system. So there is always a supply of water and it can no water out of the box or overflow.


Material list: seat

Material list: material

Material list: list

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