Clean mattress with home remedies

If you want to clean your mattress, you do not have to spend money on expensive special products. Mattresses are best cleaned with home remedies. Learn below which are suitable for wet and dry cleaning.

Vacuum mattress

It is often said that a mattress should not be vacuumed because the vacuum cleaner could damage the delicate material of the mattress. If you have a soft brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner, e.g. have a cushion attachment, but that is not a problem. With this attachment, vacuum your mattress at a low level to remove skin particles, hair and other tiny particles such as food scraps. Here you can find out more about vacuuming your mattress.

Home remedy for wet mattress cleaning

In general, almost all mild detergents are suitable for wet mattress cleaning. For example:

  • laundry detergent
  • Mild shower gel without peeling effect
  • shampoo
  • Mild detergent
  • Mild liquid soap

You should refrain from using strong detergents and strong-smelling home remedies such as vinegar or alcohol should only be used selectively to treat stains, to prevent your mattress from smelling like it.

Allow enough time for your mattress to dry after each wet cleaning to allow the moisture to escape.

Home remedies for dry cleaning

For dry cleaning, the wonder drug Natron comes into question. Soda is very inexpensive and combines several advantages: it is fungicidal, antibacterial, alkaline and odor-neutralizing. It can be used both dry and damp and is especially used when the mattress smells unpleasant.

Home remedies for stain removal

Stains can quickly form on a mattress: A coffee cup is spilled, the child no longer wears diapers and goes to bed or another mishap. Also, normal use leads to superficial pollution by the nightly secretion of sweat. Here is an overview of home remedies that help you remove stains on the mattress:

home remediesof stain
Lemon juice or vinegarUrine stains, blood stains, mold
Mineral waterred wine
saltBlood stains, red wine stains, mold
GallseifeCoffee stains and other strong stains

Tips & Tricks

It is important that you do not treat protein-containing stains such as sperm stains or milk stains with hot water. Otherwise, the protein clots and is much harder to remove.

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