Cut a mattress

Not all mattresses can be cut. But foam, cold foam, latex and comfort foam mattresses can be brought to the desired size with the right technology. Learn below what to look for when cutting.

You must not cut this mattress

Spring mattresses and pocket spring mattresses must not be cut in any case. Otherwise, the entire core loses stability and the mattress becomes unusable.
Also water or gel beds may not be cut for obvious reasons. The seams can hardly be closed so tightly that no water or gel escapes.

Well marked is half cut

The most important thing when cutting is the right marking. Choose a felt-tip pen or a similarly visible pen and mark the interface across the entire width of the mattress (not just punctually!) On the top, bottom and sides!
Measure before, during and after cutting in several places that the line is straight and even and has the dimensions you want.

Not just a visual matter: the mattress cover

The mattress cover gives the mattress its immaculate white face and protects it from dirt, moisture and damage. He also makes sure everything stays in place.
Therefore, when cutting the mattress, you should bring it back to a mattress cover. There are three possibilities:

  • buy a new mattress cover in the right size
  • Sew a new mattress cover in the desired size
  • Carefully separate the old mattress cover from the parts to be cut, cut the mattress and then sew the cover back together

The last option is the simplest and least expensive.

How can a mattress be cut?

A mattress can be cut with pretty much all sharp knives. It is also not necessary that the tool is as long as the mattress is wide to cut completely from top to bottom. It is advisable anyway to cut the mattress first from the top and then from the bottom, as this prevents it from being cut to the wrong angle.
To cut through the mattress are:

  • Cuttermesser
  • sharp bread knife (also electric)
  • kitchenknife
  • handsaws

Tips & Tricks

How to cut your mattress step by step is explained in this guide.

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Video Board: how to cut a mattress in half