Make mattress yourself

Mattresses are not cheap, especially if they are to be special sizes. But there are several ways to make a mattress yourself. Below we have put together three ideas for you how to make a mattress yourself.

What make a mattress yourself?

The simplest and most well-known variant is to make a foam mattress yourself. All you need is enough foam - both in width and height - and a mattress cover. But there are other ways to make a mattress yourself:

  • Mattress with cold foam core
  • Heumatratze
  • Wrapped organic mattress made of buckwheat pods

Make hay mattress yourself

If you like the smell of fresh hay, you will be happy with this cheap and natural variant. For this you need only 20 to 30 kg of hay (best to try and refill if necessary) and the thickest possible mattress cover so that the hay does not peek. Fill the hay loosely into the mattress cover - ready!

The advantages and disadvantages of a hay mattress

Pleasant hay smellPossible allergy problem
Warms up at nightMust be broken up daily
With good ventilation and relaxation natural exchange of moistureIs flat after a few hours
Very cheap to buyMay be renewed from time to time

Wrapped biomattress, bed size: approx. 160 x 200cm

  • resistant fabric (e.g., linen, thick cotton, etc.)
  • Buckwheat pods, foam pieces, coconut fibers or other filling material
  • mattress Topper
  • sewing machine

1. Sew on the covers

Sew five 120cm long and 11cm wide covers of the fabric (such as linen) of your choice. Leave one side open so you can fill the cases. Put the cover over.

2. Fill cases

Fill in the filling. As filling all soft materials are suitable. You can also mix: z. Foam residues with wool residues and buckwheat husks.

Do not fill the covers as far as they will go, but leave some space. Sew the open side.

Then twirl the sleeve in two places so that three "balls are cut off.

3. Connect covers

Turn the five covers in the bed box into each other to create an even surface. If necessary, sew more envelopes to fill any holes.

4. Balance surface

To create a pleasantly homogeneous surface, you can finally put a topper on your homemade mattress and secure everything with a fitted sheet.

Product Image: somsak suwanput / Shutterstock

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