Wash mattress in the washing machine

Most mattresses do not fit in a washing machine. Mattress covers already! And so a small doll mattress made of foam - may that in the washing machine? Here's more.

Wash foam mattress in the washing machine

If the foam mattress fits in the washing machine, you can wash it there. However, you should keep in mind a few things:

  • It is best to wash it in a pillowcase or similar to prevent the delicate foam from tearing.
  • Do not put a small amount of detergent into the washing machine to prevent it from foaming too much because foam acts like a big sponge.
  • You can add a teaspoon of soda or a dash of vinegar, which has a disinfecting and cleansing effect.
  • Wash the foam in the wool washing program or another program with a low spin rate.
  • Do not wash the mattress hotter than 30 degrees.
  • Treat any stains.
  • Do not hang it over the leash after washing, but place it horizontally over a drying rack or similar.

Wash mattress covers

A large mattress will not wash, but with a washable mattress cover you will increase the hygiene in your bed considerably. When buying the mattress cover make sure that it is washable at 60 degrees, because such high temperatures do not survive mites.

How often should a mattress cover be washed?

How often you wash your mattress cover depends, among other things. It depends on how much you sweat and how much time you spend in bed. Those who eat more often in bed or sweat heavily at night, should wash more often than someone who hardly sweats and uses the bed only for sleeping. Manufacturers recommend washing the mattress cover at least once a year. For allergy sufferers it is recommended to wash it every three months.

What are the benefits of a washable mattress cover?

A mattress cover protects the mattress from dirt, moisture and mites, increasing mattress longevity and hygiene in bed. Among other things it causes:

  • Sweat and other body fluids do not get into the mattress
  • Mites mainly stay in the mattress cover and in the bed linen and can be reduced by washing a variety.
  • Stains on the mattress are prevented

Tips & Tricks

Take the opportunity to wash your mattress cover and ventilate your mattress!

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