Mattress on the floor

A bed costs money, so some less sophisticated sleepers prefer to put their mattress on the floor. However, that is not advisable. Why this is so and what cost-effective alternative there is to the bed position, you will find below.

The disadvantages of a mattress on the floor

The main problem that arises when the mattress is directly on the floor is not that it can lead to back problems, no, the problem is air circulation. We sweat out about half a liter of water at night; this moisture penetrates the mattress. A slatted frame on a bed frame provides good bottom ventilation, which together with ventilation after getting up and changing the bedding, allows the moisture to escape from the mattress, preventing the formation of bacteria and mold. If the mattress is lying directly on the floor, no air will come from the bottom to the mattress and thus the moisture accumulates. This not only leads to increased accumulation of mites, but can lead to mold in the worst case.

Furthermore, sleeping on the floor, especially with thin mattresses for the back is not the best solution: a slatted frame can be adjusted to the exact zone and thus ensures the optimal sleeping position, which of course does not work if the mattress lies directly on the floor. However, there are people who prefer to sleep hard and the mattress is thick enough (comfort height), the difference may be felt only slightly.

Alternatives to the mattress on the floor

Anyone who does not want to spend money on a bedstead does not have to sleep on the floor. Instead, you can, for example, to build its own, low bed frame made of europallets. This looks fancy, provides the necessary ventilation and costs little. Find out how to do this here.
Another option is to buy a slatted frame and place it directly on the floor. This ensures ventilation and also allows you to adjust your slatted frame back-friendly.

Protect mattress on the floor from mold

If you still want or need to put your mattress on the floor, you should note the following:

  • Air your sheets every morning by beating or even hanging the blanket
  • Place your mattress vertically each time you change your sheets and let them air out for several hours, preferably in the sun or on a heater
  • Turn your mattress vertically and horizontally every few months

Tips & Tricks

Temporarily you can easily sleep on a mattress on the floor.

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