Is the mattress topper useful?

Overzealous sellers often offer a mattress topper when buying a new mattress. The non-plus ultra he should be and sleep problems belong to the past. When buying a mattress, the purchase of a mattress topper makes only limited sense; However, if you have problems with your current mattress, the mattress topper can help. Learn more about what the mattress topper brings.

The advantages of the mattress decanter

In principle, the mattress topper has only one disadvantage: it costs money. Therefore, you should weigh before buying if you really need it or not. He has to offer you:

  • It protects the mattress from dirt and moisture, its cover can be washed, thus ensuring a more hygienic bed.
  • It adapts to the body and ensures a pleasant sleeping feeling.
  • He can change the hardness of the mattress.

The mattress topper protects the mattress

That is probably the biggest advantage of the topper and the reason why it can be useful in a new mattress purchase. Do you like to have breakfast in bed? Or the mattress is for a toddler who occasionally wets the bed? Or are you one of those people who sweat a lot during the night? Then the mattress topper is quite useful. It absorbs moisture and dirt and the cover can be easily washed in the washing machine if necessary. However, it does in this case, a significantly cheaper mattress cover.

Mattress topper compensates mattress

Even if you are not satisfied with your mattress because it is too hard or too soft, the mattress topper can help. The mostly 4 to 6cm thick topper offers you the features you want in your mattress, but costs only a fraction.

Mattress topper is not the same mattress topper

As with a mattress, the mattress topper allows you to choose between different materials that differ in their properties and thus in the sleeping feeling that they give you. The most common mattress toppers are:

  • viscofoam
  • cold foam
  • gelfoam

In a test by won the mattress topper made of gel foam over the other two due to its good punctual adaptability. However, that's a matter of taste. Those who prefer to sleep harder, may prefer the topper made of cold foam, which yields more elastic surface. It is therefore advisable to also sample mattresses before buying.

Tips & Tricks

There are also toppers that work according to the season: the summer topper ensures good air circulation, while the winter topper keeps the heat in bed. You can also find both functions in one and the same topper, which is turned according to the seasons.

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